Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo and Dead Sea mud mask!

Hi everyone! Sorry about the absence. We have been house hunting for a few months now and it is incredibly stressful! I have still been doing my nails, just haven't been posting, so sorry about that.

Today I am back to show you some products from Maple Holistics. I was contacted by them a while back to review some of their products. I chose the Degrease Shampoo and the Dead Sea Mud Mask! :)

I wanted to try the Degrease shampoo because my hair tends to be oily, no matter what I do! I have tried "training" my hair by washing less often, but nothing seems to work! :( So I figured this couldn't hurt to try. 

Overall, I really liked this shampoo. It didn't lather quite as much as my usual shampoo. It has a nice minty scent, but not overpowering. My hair is really thick so I was concerned with it not lathering as well that I wouldn't be able to get my hair really clean all the way down to the scalp, but it wasn't a problem. I didn't use conditioner when I tried this shampoo. My hair did end up feeling very clean and not oily at all. I didn't wash it again all that weekend and it still felt clean!

Overall, I really liked this shampoo. It did what it set out to do and left my hair feeling super clean and not oily or greasy at all. I just wished it lathered a little better so it wasn't as much effort to get clean all the way down to the scalp, but that's a minor complaint. I have been using this since and would definitely recommend it if you have oily hair. 

Next up, the Dead Sea Mud Mask. I was so excited to try this! I have never done a mud mask before. My skin has been breaking out slightly and I have had some dry spots, so I was hoping this would help with that. 

I thought this stuff looked so cool! It really looks just like mud lol. The scent is great - very earthy and natural.

I just scooped some out with my fingers and applied to my whole face. At first, it feel really cool and refreshing. These photos were taken when the mud mask was still wet, soon after I applied it.

After about 10 minutes, the mask had mostly dried. You can tell when it's dry because it tightens up and it's harder to move your face.

I left it on for about 10 more minutes once it had fully dried, and then washed off with warm water. After it was all washed off, my skin did feel very refreshed. It felt tight, but in a good way - like it was toned up. I did have a bit of redness because my skin is very sensitive, but it went away in a short period of time, and that could have been from scrubbing with the warm water most likely.

I really loved this product! I have been using this every couple of weeks when I feel like my skin needs a refresher. And there isn't even a dent in the jar - I feel like this will last forever. I highly recommend this for anyone who has trouble skin or just wants a deep clean every so often.

Check out these and the other products at Maple Holistic's website!

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. Sounds nice. I don't use a lot of mud masks myself but I want to.


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