Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Ornaments...a bit late!

I know, I know - it's after New Year's. Nobody wants to see Christmas ornaments lol. But I really loved how these turned out and I didn't get a chance to post them with all the craziness of the holidays going on. So, I'm posting them now! 

I used the reverse-stamping technique...I think...I'm losing touch with what all these things are called haha. I stamped onto a Ziploc bag I had painted clear top coat on and then I colored it in and peeled it off once it was dry. It was like a DIY decal. Whatever you call that technique! :)

I started with a base of Zoya Hunter on all the nails. I stamped onto the Ziploc using Konad Black and BM-H03. Then I filled in the ornaments using a bunch of polishes I can't remember off the top of my head lol. I know I used Shimmer Polish Berniece and Lindsey, some of the Julie G Gumdrops polishes, Jindie Nails Silent Night, Pahlish Cinnamon Twist. Actually I think that's all of them - go me! ;) Once I peeled off the decals and stuck them on, I sealed it all in with HK Girl.

Like I said, I do LOVE how these turned out. My only thing I would have done differently was to use a base that wasn't quite SO dark. It was hard to see the detail in the ornaments unless I had super bright lighting or the flash on. Which bothered me because these took forever to do lol! I wanted to use a Christmas tree green though, which is why I went with Hunter. I just think they would have popped a bit more on a lighter background. I still love them though! :)

I can't wait to try this technique with other designs. It made it really easy to do lots of different colors without having to wait for each one to dry on the stamper, which is how I've done this sort of thing in the past. I could work on all 5 designs at once right there on the Ziploc bag, and get done in a fraction of the time. :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this design! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! :)

<3 Kelly


  1. Your Christmas ornaments are gorgeous! Love the colors you used in it.

  2. These are gorgeous!! I have yet to try this technique out yet, but you made it sound so easy!


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