Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Stampers, Plate and Polish!

Hi everyone!

A while back, I was contacted again by Daisy at Born Pretty Store to review some items. One of the things I chose was this awesome stamper set. I have been in the market for a new stamper for a while, and this set has a few different types to try, so I felt pretty sure one of them would work for me! :)

I also opted to try this Konad black stamping polish. I had never tried it before but I am always looking for a great black stamping polish!

Lastly, I picked out some stamping plates! I loved the packaging this large one came in. So pretty! When I picked these out, I was super into leadlighting and I liked this plate because it had lots of designs that I could color in. :)

I also fell in love with this smaller plate with several pretty floral designs, that I also thought would be great for leadlighting!

I decided to try to test/review all these products at once! I tried each stamper with one of the rose designs on the smaller stamping plate, using the Konad black. To keep all the conditions similar to see how each stamper stacks up, I just stamped the same stamp on a piece of paper to see how it worked.

Here's my stamping experiment! First up is the mint green stamper. This was the firmest of the bunch.

This one actually picked up surprisingly well, given how hard the stamp felt to me. I'm still no pro at stamping, so a lot of problems you may see here are probably user error. This stamper actually had one of the crispest transfers of the 3!

It looked even better once it transferred to paper! I was blown away!

Next up is the pink stamper. This was the middle of the road when it comes to squishiness. I have had stampers that feel similar to this before.

It picked up great! Super clean, crisp transfer. The lines are incredibly dark!

It didn't transfer quite as well as the green, but still - solid stamp. I really liked this one too!

And last, the one I was most excited to try - the humongous, oversized, super squishy marshmallow stamper! I had seen lots of posts about stampers like this and I was so excited to finally get my hands on one. I have a hard time "rolling" my stamps on with the firmer stampers,, and I have a pretty arched nail bed, so I felt like it would really help my nail designs to just be able to squish it straight down on my nail and have it cover even the creases of my nail along the cuticle. 

This one also has a little red side that could be used if you have just one small design to transfer.

It picks up really well! I forgot to get a shot of this one on the paper - oops!

I was initially really disappointed with how this one turned out. It seemed patchy, there were some blank spots and the lines weren't very dark or clean. 

But, it actually transferred better onto paper than it looked on the stamp! And, I got better with this stamper the more I used it too. Now it's the only stamper I use! I think I just had to get used to how to use a stamper that is SO squishy.

One small issue I do have with this marshmallow stamper is that it really picks up EVERYTHING. Before every stamping mani I do with it, I have to clean off tons of tiny little hairs or dirt particles it has picked up, but I have to be careful if I use a cotton ball, because the wispy little pieces get stuck to it. But that's such a small annoyance when compare to how easy it is to use. I love how you barely have to push to pick up an image, because it's so soft. Because of how little you have to push, you have less of a chance to smear or smudge the design. I love it.

Overall, this stamper set was a great experience for me to be able to see what I like in a stamper. Hands down, I would choose the soft white one, but both of the others are great too. It just depends on the shape of your nail or your stamping technique (rolling, straight down, etc) which one would work best for you. I like the set because you can try all 3, and see which one is the best fit for you. The set is a great deal at $6.99 USD, and you can grab it here.

The Konad black stamping polish is great! It's super pigmented and transfers really well. It's all I've been using for my stamping since I got it. This polish retails for $7.59 USD and you can see the listing here.

And, both plates I have tried are great. The images are etched deep enough that you get a nice clean image transfer every time. The larger one is a steal at just $1.99 USD, and you can see the listing here, and the small one - which can be found here - is just 99 cents!!

Don't forget - if you want to pick up any of these items or anything else from Born Pretty Store, you can use my discount code to receive 10% off your order!! 
And, shipping is always free!! Treat yo'self for Christmas, I won't tell! ;)

<3 Kelly

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  1. Wonderful review on all the these stampers, their stamping plate, and that Konad black. I own that oversize white stamper myself and its the only stamper I use for my stamping manicures. It's been working great for me and I'm very happy with it. I do want to try other kinds of stampers out there just to see if I would like anything better than it.


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