Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maybelline Street Art: Blue Beats and Green Graffiti

Hello my loves! Today, I have some fun glitter toppers to show you. I got these two a while back so you can see my nails were sooo long - I miss my talons! Hopefully soon, they will grow back long and healthy. :)

These two polishes are from Maybelline Color Show's Street Art collection. First up is Blue Beats

I just love how the bright neon blue pops in contrast with the black glitters. These kinds of toppers are so striking, in my opinion. I layered this one over a light grey creme - I wanted to use something neutral so the glitters could be the star of the show!

Formula was great, as was glitter payoff. I painted/dabbed just one coat over my base and that was plenty. I had no trouble with clumping or dragging. I used one coat of Seche Vite overtop to seal it all in, and all the glitters lay flat on the nail.

The other topper I'm showing you today is Green Graffiti.

This one has a sort of bleached neon green glitter along with the usual black. It's a really cool combination!

I layered this one over a dark grey, keeping with the neutral theme to really make the neon glitters pop! :) Formula was the same as Blue Beats, no trouble at all to report and great glitter payoff.

There are several different shades of these glitter toppers, and they are all awesome. As far as I know, these are still available at drugstores, but I may be totally wrong on that. Either way, they're still available on Amazon (depending on shade, prices range from $1.41 - $4.48!), and you need them! :)

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