Monday, June 29, 2015

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Superheroes and Villains #3 (Avengers)

Hi loves! Today I have my last Superhero mani to share with you for June. Sadly, I couldn't get a 4th look done this time because of the problems I'm having with my nails separating. I'm hoping by next month, they will be healed up enough to participate in July's Travel theme - it sounds really fun! But I may have to take a month off if they're still separating this badly. :(

Anyway, today I have my Avengers mani to show you! This was way harder than I thought it would be (I feel like I say that a lot haha). I chose 4 Avengers designs to paint just based on ones that I thought I could do, and this is what I came up with!

I used all SinfulColors and Zoya polishes for this look. SinfulColors Black on Black, Blue By You, Tantalize, and Zoya Sookie and Trixie. I used my Stripe Rite brushes in black and white to do the outlines and bases for the designs. The Captain America shield actually turned out to be the hardest, because I couldn't get the circles quite perfect. In the end, I gave up and said good enough lol. I topped everything off with HK Girl, which I love because it doesn't smear! I worked on these for like, 2 hours! I would have cried if topcoat ruined it.

I really loved how this overall look turned out, especially Thor's hammer. This mani was really fun to do, even if it did take forever! :)

This month's NCC theme was so fun, I'm really sad I didn't get to do a fourth look. Maybe sometime once my nails are all healed up, I'll do some more superhero manis just for fun!

Be sure to check out everyone's Week 3 manis! Thanks for looking!



  1. Really great, especially the "A"! I am so impressed, especially as I do not have patience for this kind of thing myself, so I really "Marvel" at this nail art. See what I did there? :D


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