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Jindie Nails: Soul, Funk and Disco collection!

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Hello my lovelies! I have quite the epic post to share with you today, so I hope you don't mind a little pic spam! ;)

I've been a busy little bee working on swatching and editing pics of the amazing new Jindie Nails Soul, Funk, and Disco collection! I'm so excited to share this collection with you. Jen has outdone herself yet again! 

I want to say up front that I am missing one from this collection - Baby Love, My Baby Love. But, I do have the rest to show you plus one bonus polish for you to make up for it! :)

First up for today is Freeway of Love!

Freeway of Love is described by Jindie Nails as: "a very bright, neon pink, crelly, loaded with just about every color of matte pastel glitter you can think of, plus several colors and sizes of dots in holographic, matte and metallic.  It has diamonds in matte and holographic, intense purple/blue shimmer plus at least 5 or 6 other color shifting shimmers."

I am wearing 3 coats of Freeway of Love in these photos, but most people could probably get away with 2, especially if you have shorter nails. The formula is that perfect crelly formula that Jen is famous for perfecting - not too thick, not too thin, glides on super easily and the glitters disperse themselves nicely - no clumping and no need for dragging them around unless you want to. No fishing necessary! :) I used HK Girl topcoat.

Next up is I'll Stay A-Lime!

Jindie Nails describes this one as follows: "It has lime micro, premium holographic glitters, silver premium, holographic small glitters and lime green to gold shift shimmer pigment.  This one is opaque in 2-3 coats.  It's super sparkly!"

"Super sparkly" is an understatement. I'll Stay A-Lime is unlike any polish I have in my collection - just a gorgeous neon green shade that explodes with rainbows every which way you turn your nail, especially in the sun. This base is tad thicker than most to suspend all the glitters, but still very easy to work with. I needed just 3 easy coats here for full opacity and I had no trouble at all with application. I've topped off again with HK Girl here.

Next is one of my favorites of the collection - I'm Rick James, B****!

Here's the description: "It's a silver holographic polish that is very complex.  It has multiple sizes of micro silver, premium holographic glitters and pigments, real silver flakies, rainbow pear flakies and 3 other larger, multi-color shifting flakies throughout."

I'm Rick James, B****! is an amazing polish. First off, you've gotta love the name lol. But it is, like Jen said - a truly complex polish. At first glance, you might think this is just a silver holo polish, but the larger glitters really add something different - they're very eye-catching and they reminded me of little freckles. Love it! I'm wearing 3 coats here plus HK Girl topcoat. I had to include a flash shot to blind you a little bit with holo amazingness. ;)

Next up is a really fun one - My Old Piano!

This one has a huge, long description, but it fits for a polish that is so chock full of everything lol. Here is Jen's description of My Old Piano: "It has every pastel small glitter I had in stock, including hex, medium dots, diamond, tiny stars triangles, circles, small dots, short and micro bars (very sparse amount of bars, stars and butterflies, hearts and butterflies), and possibly more shapes I can't think of at the moment. There are new neon glitters in this one including neon yellow, pink and green hearts, diamonds, stars and daisy's,  New opaque, matte pastel small hex in an array of ice cream colored gliters that look quite yummy.  In addition to all the new matte pastel glitters, it also has all 6 neon glitters in matte opaque and also some semi transparent hex neon glitters.  The glitter in this one is easy to apply, not too thick and you probably won't find the same glitter on each nail.  I didn't put very much of each glitter, but there are plenty of different colors and sizes of glitters in this.

Last but not least, it has an array of black and white glitters in small and medium rectangles (to represent the piano keys), tiny stars, very sparse short and micro bars, medium dots, small dots, triangles, squares, hex and diamonds."

I love My Old Piano - there is just so much going on, you find something new every time you look at it! I think my favorite glitters are the butterflies. So cute! I chose to layer this one over white because it is a touch on the sheer side and my nail are VERY stained. I did try it on my [rarely, if ever seen, thumb lol] and it does build up nicely to opacity even without a base coat. I have used just 2 coats here over a plain white creme and I really love the look it gives! Even when layered over a base coat, the multitude of glitters in the milky base give the mani such a cool depth - I love it. I used HK Girl topcoat and all the glitters lay completely flat on the nail. No trouble at all with getting the different glitters out either - no fishing needed - what you see here is just what came out. I did play around with placement a bit, like flipping over a butterfly that was upside down, etc. But that's up to you. :)

Next is another amazing holographic polish - Psychedelic Shack!

Here is how Jindie Nails describes Psychedelic Shack: "It has purple scattered, premium holographic glitters, violet micro holographic glitters, sapphire micro glitter and small hex glitter, blue/violet/purple shimmer all in a blue/purple super jelly base."

Psychedelic Shack feels to me like I'll Stay A-Lime's purple sister. The formula was really similar and it's got that same amazing sparkle! Again, I've used 3 coats here with HK Girl topcoat. This one really shines in the sun - so pretty. Basically if you're a purple or blurple lover, you can't live without this polish.

Here, I tried an accent of Jindie Nails' Super Freak'n Neon over Psychedelic Shack - more on that one later! ;)

Next up we have another lovely holographic polish - Shake Ya Groove Thing!

Shake Ya Groove Thing is described as: "a coral scattered and linear holographic polish, with red flecks." To my eye, this one leans more red or pink than coral, but that could just be me! Either way, it's a stunning shade! :)

I don't care what anyone says, I don't think I will ever, ever tire of holos. Thankfully, Ohio was nice and gave me some sun this past week to capture some photos in direct sunlight. The holo effect in Shake Ya Groove Thing is lovely! I can't wait to try some nail art with it. It's very pigmented. Even on my very long, stained nails, I only needed 2 COATS! That is very unheard of for me. But wait, there's more! This was very nearly a one-coater. Yes, I said it! If I had been more careful with application (read: less sloppy with my brush strokes lol) I could have used only one coat here. Amazing!

Now, check out my absolute favorite of the collection - She's a Brick House!

Here is the description: "This is a burnt orange super squishy jelly loaded with orange, red, gold and silver metallic and holographic circles, hex and shimmer."

I have absolutely nothing even remotely close to this in my collection. Orange is my favorite color, so I was already excited when I first saw it. But the tiny microglitters paired with the giant dots in this amazingly squishy base? DEAD. This polish is phenomenal. I absolutely love the depth you get from the jelly base, and the sparkle!! I'm in love. And, I didn't have to do any fishing at all to get these glitters out, not even the huge ones. I just set the bottle upside for about 5 minutes before painting my nails and what you see here is what came out. In these photos, I am wearing 3 coats of She's A Brick House with HK Girl topcoat.

And, last for the Soul, Funk and Disco collection is Super Freak'n Neon!

Jen describes this one as follows: "This polish has small, metallic silver hex glitters and 6 different neon colors of glitters, including pink, purple, green, orange, yellow and blue, all in a clear, matte suspension base.  The shapes of the glitters in this polish are all small matte hex, matte squares & small/medium matte squares."

How fun is this polish!? It reminds me of the 90's lol! In the first two photos, I'm wearing just 1 coat of Super Freak'n Neon over a plain black creme, plus HK Girl topcoat. I wanted to try it shiny, as well as it's normal mattified look. Check below to see it mattified with Butter London's matte topcoat!

I'm not sure which I prefer, matte or shiny - they both are so vibrant and perfect for summertime! This polish is packed full of glitters, so if you are going to layer it, you definitely need only one coat. As Jen mentioned, Super Freak'n Neon can also be built up to opacity on its own. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon and will share my results with you all! :)

And, like I mentioned before - I don't have Baby Love but I do have one bonus polish to share with you - this is Shine & Dine!

Shine & Dine is described as: "a hot pink to red cream with a pink/purple shimmer/flash and pink flecks."

I just love that flash! It's very strong in certain lighting. I would describe this one as more of a shimmer than a cream polish becuase the shimmer is very strong - it almost looks like a scattered holo effect! Love it! Shine & Dine is very pigmented - I'm wearing only 2 coats here with HK Girl topcoat. Just a head's up on this one - it did stain for me. I wear 2 coats of Yellow Stopper base coat when I'm swatching and it still did stain my nails thought it didn't stain my cuticles or anything. I was able to get most of the staining out by scrubbing with acetone and the buffing it out, but just wanted you guys to be aware! :)

Shine & Dine is not part of any collection at the moment. It retails for $9.50 for a full-size bottle.

As for the Soul, Funk and Disco collection - it is available NOW in the Jindie nails shop. You can view the listing by clicking here. This listing includes all of the polishes shown in this post (except Shine & Dine). Jen did not include Baby Love in the listing but if you want to add it to the set for a discounted price, she will do that for you if you message her.

As is, the listing is for the 8 Soul, Funk, and Disco polishes I've shown you here, for only $60! That means you would be getting each polish for only $7.50 apiece, rather than $9.50-$10.00 each, which is what they retail for if purchased alone. That is a great deal!!

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Thanks for reading! <3

*Some of the products in this post were provided to me in exchange for my review. This post reflects my full and honest opinions of these products. Please see my Disclosure page for more information.*


  1. Nice swatches of all of them! They look good.

  2. Stunning swatches and polishes. I love pink and if it is loaded with glitter even better, so my favorite one is Freeway of Love.

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  4. You did an amazing job as usual. Thank you Kelly!!

  5. Fabulous swatches!! Those complex holos must be mine.


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