Monday, April 13, 2015

Sally Hansen Color Foils

*Press sample*

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Personally, I'm not ready to go back to reality today but what can ya do? :(

Today, I've got a quick swatch post for you of some samples I received a while back from Sally Hansen. These three were from their Color Foil line released last year, and the samples were part of a package that sat in my apartment's office for months because they never told me haha. I was so upset!

Anyhow, I swatched these once I finally got my hands on them, and they warrant sharing for sure! First up is Cobalt Chrome, a lovely medium blue foil.

Despite a lot of the reviews I read, I actually didn't find these Color Foils all that difficult to work with. They do dry very fast and are highly pigmented. I almost could have used one coat, but I wanted to fix a couple bald spots, so I've shown 2 coats here, no topcoat and no basecoat. You do have to be careful for brush strokes, but that's with any metallic polish. So, I recommend just doing single brush strokes over any one spot, don't go back in with the brush while the polish is still wet, or you'll get some dragging. I also noticed that my cuticle oil, when the roller ball touched the polish, it made a darker spot in the polish, so you have to be careful of that too. I think the next time I wear it, I will try topcoat even though it's not recommended - that way, the mani will be more long-lasting and not so easily-damaged.

I truly was blown away by how reflective these are! I really had trouble getting photos where you couldn't see my phone taking the picture haha. It's really a stunning effect. :)

Next up, I have Titanium Flush, a lovely magenta pink foil!

Formula is the same here, so I won't repeat myself with all that. But again, I have used 2 coats, no topcoat or basecoat. These polishes really do remind me of the Sally Hansen Chrome polishes from the late 90's - 2000's. I was just a kid, but my mom was big into nail polish, so of course we had those, and I actually still have some! Some of them have gotten a bit clumpy with age, but some of them are just as good as they were back then. Anyway, these polishes are very similar - so I was so happy to see them come back! :)

This pink shade is really right up my alley. Again, I would probably try to use topcoat next time I wore it just to extend the length of the mani, because I have heard that these foils chip easily. I don't think topcoat would take too much away from the foil effect, to be honest, but I haven't tried it.

Last for today is Sterling Silver - with a foil collection, you've got to have a classic silver!

Love this shade, it felt like wearing liquid metal on my nails! Again, here I've shown 2 coats, no topcoat, no basecoat. Formula was the same as the others. To be honest, I didn't experience the same trouble others did with the formula showing off every imperfection in the nail, so I was happy! I think these foil polishes get a bad rap, but they really aren't that hard to work with in my experience. :)

Overall, I really loved the polishes I tried from this collection. I hope they come up with some new colors for it, I'd love to see an orange foil or maybe a dark purple!

The Sally Hansen Color Foil line is available at drugstores and dept stores like Wal-Mart, wherever Sally Hansen is sold. I believe they retail for right around $7. Not a bad deal if you ask me! :)

Thanks for reading! <3

The products in this post were provided to me in exchange for my review. This review reflects my full and honest opinions of these products. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.


  1. Very nice and shiny these foils are!

  2. These polishes look amazing and the foils effect is quite strong! Great swatches.


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