Monday, April 27, 2015

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Recreate Another Member's Look #2 (A Little Polish)

Hi everyone! Happy Monday - not. :P I hate Mondays. Thankfully the work day went pretty quickly and now it's time to go home, put PJs on and get editing some more.

I know I'm late again lol - big surprise, but I hopefully should finish my NCC manis just under the wire. Today I've got my week 2 mani to share with you. This month's theme was to recreate manis done by other NCC members, and for this look, I used Stephanie from A Little Polish as my inspiration! First, check out the look she did:

And, here's my recreation of it!

Overall, I am just not thrilled with my attempt at this mani haha. I didn't quite have the right shade of gold - I much preferred the one Stephanie used that had a more yellow undertone to it. And the bubbles, don't get me started on the bubbles! That is a result of several sandwiched layers of polish and topcoat and me not letting them try in between - face palm! Oh well, I tried lol.

For the record, this look was really hard to do! Of course, the top few lines were no problem. I just used regular old striping tape. But, to create the thicker lines at the bottom, I had a couple of choices, either use Scotch tape or lay several strips of striping tape next to each other. I ended up going with the second one, because when I tried to cut the Scotch tape, it was a huge pain, AND I was not getting uniform width, so it didn't look right. So, I painstakingly laid like, 10 strips of striping tape on each nail. GAH, it was so hard! I have no idea how Stephanie got those perfect designs - she's magical! :)

I really do like this look and the idea, I think I just need to work on my execution lol. These kind of reminded me of robots or sci-fi of some kind. I love the metallic pairing with the flat black creme. These might look cool mattified! :)

Don't forget to check out the other ladies' looks for Week two! Thanks for reading <3


  1. Awesome job recreating the design. Looks just like it.

  2. Very cool looking nail art and polish combination.


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