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Mentality Jellychromes: Hoopla, Inflame, & Taunt

**I want to note that I am no longer affiliated with, or a supporter of, Mentality Nail Polish. Please see my post detailing my experiences with Mentality by clicking here for more information. In short, I would STRONGLY recommend not buying Mentality due to harmful effects that their polishes have had on some people. Even if you've been having an issue and you can't say for sure that it's Mentality polish that's causing it, discontinue use immediately. I didn't know what it was and by the time I realized, serious damage had been done to my nails. They are still not healed. Just don't take any chances. I will leave up my posts where I have reviewed or swatched Mentality polishes because I don't want to just delete them and pretend like nothing happened. I would also recommend reading these great, informative posts by Ashley is Polish Addicted and also The Mercurial Magpie who explain what's happened. Lab Muffin also offers some really interesting possibilities for what specifically about the polishes could be causing these effects.**

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Hey guys! The work week is halfway over, woo hoo! I can't wait for this weekend to just relax :) Oh, and to watch embarrassing amounts of CSI since it's now on Hulu. I see some major procrastinating coming along haha!

Today I've got more Mentality swatches to share with you. These three are part of the Jellychrome collection - one matte and two holos.

First up is Hoopla!

Hoopla is a red toned pink matte jellychrome with glass flecks that shifts blue-green, blue, violet, to red. This pink is super bright and perfect for spring. Luckily, I got some sunlight to get some photos like the one above. I love this color! This is 3 coats, no topcoat to show off the matte finish.

The blue shimmer in Hoopla is gorgeous! It was much more evident in person, or in indirect lighting, like the photo below. Also in the photo below, you can really see the polish's matte finish. Formula was great, but with any matte polish, you have to be slightly careful with brush strokes because they could show depending on how you apply the polish and how long you let it dry before your next coat. I recommend using thin coats and letting them dry all the way between coats. :)

I love how versatile Hoopla is in different lighting. Here it is shown in indirect natural lighting and it looks totally different. That blue flash is amazing! <3

Hoopla is available now for $8.25 alone, or as part of the Matte Jellychrome set, which you can buy all seven matte jellychromes for just $54 including shipping!

Next up for today, I have another gorgeous jellychrome, a holo one this time - Inflame!

Inflame is a red toned pink holographic jellychrome with glass flecks that shift blue-green, blue, violet, to red. I've used 3 coats plus topcoat in these photos. Oh, and this formula was superb - went on like butter - application was perfect! :)

This is a really unique color! It almost looked berry toned to me, I love it. The holo effect was really strong too And, I had some sun to take photos in - yay! :D

I also wanted to get a photo of Inflame in indirect lighting, because it too has a lovely blue flash that's only visible in certain lightings.

Inflame is available now for $8.50 alone, or as part of the Holo Jellychrome set - where you can get all seven holo jellychromes for just $57!

Last up for today is Taunt!

Taunt is an orange holographic jellychrome with glass flecks that shift blue, violet, red, to orange. This was the one I was most excited to try out - I love orange!! I've used 3 coats here plus topcoat.

Interestingly, this one showed a bit pinkish on me moreso than orange. I think it's the red glass flecks that do it. Yet again, these blue flecks show up really well in indirect lighting just like the other two I've shown you today. I love that! It makes the polish so multidimensional when you can look at in in different settings and it looks like a totally different polish. No issues whatsoever to report with formula.

The holo effect in Taunt was really strong, but of course the weather had to fight me on this day, so I snapped a quick shot with flash to show how it really sparkles. Stunning! <3

Taunt is available now for $8.50 alone, or as part of the Holo Jellychrome set, where you can get all seven holo jellychromes for just $57!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I couldn't pick a favorite of these three if I tried. Basically, you need them all. Be sure to check out the Mentality shop to see all their amazing creations, and follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on new releases - I can tell you that big things are coming!! :o

The products in this post were provided to me in exchange for my review. This review reflects my full and honest opinions of these products. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.

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  1. These look stunning! I want to give these jellychromes a try now.


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