Friday, April 10, 2015

Jindie Nails & Dollish Polish: Frankenstein Duo

Hey guys! Oh my gosh - I found this post just sitting in my drafts, I can't believe I never posted it! I swore I did. 

Anyway, this is one that just has to be shared - The Jindie Nails/Dollish Polish Frankenstein duo!

These two polishes were absolutely the perfect representations of their characters. So gorgeous!

Jindie Nails' contribution is called Frank's Ole Lady, and Dollish Polish created My Man Frank. These duos were LE and only so many sets were made so they were numbered - I was blown away and so excited when I saw that I received my favorite number - 17! And I didn't even ask :)

First, I'm going to show you Frank's Ole Lady by Jindie Nails. 

Frank's Ole Lady is described by Jen as follows:
"Frank's Ole Lady represents Frankenstein's bride.  It's a deep, highly pigmented, plum/purple jelly loaded with lilac metallic dots and hex, lilac matte triangles, donuts shapes.  It has tiny stars in periwinkle, matte white, matte black, dark pink holographic, lavender, matte pastel pink, matte powder pink, matte and metallic barbie pink, matte red and metallic purple.  It  has triangles in lilac, matte pastel pink,matte barbie pink, white, black, matte red,holographic hot pink, holographic red, matte black, matte white. This jelly is loaded with 3 or 4 different types of color shifting shimmer.  It has purple/blue shimmer, red/violet/blue shimmer, rose/gold shimmer and neon purple shimmer.  It has donut shapes in almost all of the above mentioned colors as well.  This color is opaque in 2 coats but 3 makes it extra dark.  This color is top coat hungry, so I suggest a thick top coat like Seche Vite and I also use Rica's Glossy Glam."

I loved the donut shapes! This was my first polish with them in it. The triangles were super fun, too. Formula was no trouble at all. The jelly base was great, and even with all the glitters being so densely packed in, I didn't have any trouble with clumping or needing for fish for anything. I used 3 coats here plus HK Girl topcoat.

Now, for the second half of the duo, we have My Man Frank, created by Dollish Polish.

My Man Frank is described as follows:
"My Man, Frank is a green apple jelly loaded with red and purple dots, black small squares, metallic purple hex, tiny white stars, black moons, small and medium metallic red hex, lilac metallic and matte dots and hex. You can wear this one over your favorite green or even white or wear it alone and it will build to opaque in about 3 coats."

I love those large purple dots, and this base color was perfect for Halloween! But really, you can wear this all year round. I love the mix of colors of glitter. :) I used 3 coats here, plus HK Girl topcoat. No trouble at all to report with formula, no clumping, no dragging, and no fishing here!

It looks like there are still a few of these duos left at Jindie Nails shop, so if you hurry, you can still get your hands on one! The duo retails for $20, which is really a great deal for these two LE polishes. And don't forget to also check out Jen's newest releases, the Soul, Funk, and Disco collection! I can't wait to get mine! I'm also itching to get my hands on some of Dollish Polish's new cult classic-inspired polishes - be sure to check her shop and pick up some pretties of your own! <3

Thanks for reading!
<3 Kelly

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