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Jindie Nails & Dollish Polish: Super Heroes vs. Super Villains duo, featuring Batman & the Joker!

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Hi everyone! I am so excited about sharing this post with you today. First of all, I want to apologize for my silence over here. We are officially moved into our house as of last Sunday and there has been SO much to do, we still are living out of boxes and I have no idea where anything is haha. But my plan for this weekend is to knock out the rest of the unpacking and organizing so I can get back into a routine again.

Today I've got something amazing to show you! As you may know, Jindie Nails and Dollish Polish have been doing several of these collaborations featuring Famous Couples Throughout History, and they have all been amazing! I was super excited to hear that they would be doing another collaboration, this time focusing on Super Heroes vs. Super Villains! I'm somewhat of a nerd, so I could not wait, and there were so many possibilities of who they could recreate! Ultimately, I think they made a perfect choice of the pair to start out with - who doesn't love Batman and the Joker!?

The duo comes with a postcard with a cool photo of Batman and Joker on it (it's very reflective, I was having a hard time not seeing myself when taking the photo lol). And on the back, there is an in depth description of both polishes in the duo, along with links for both creators' shops and social media sites. 

I was blown away when I unwrapped these polishes. Even if I didn't already know what the duo represented, I could have told you that these polishes were inspired by Batman and Joker. They are the perfect embodiment of these characters! :)

I'm going to start by showing you Jindie Nails' contribution to the duo, which is inspired by Batman - Ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? Lol, long name - amazing polish!

Ever Dance with the Devil is described as:
"Varying glitters in different shapes, including dots, squares, triangles, and hexagons, in shades of matte gray, matte black, matte yellow, and metallic gold & silver, all in a pale moon gray crelly, loaded with gold shimmer & silver holographic shimmer. Opaque in about 2-3 coats."

I snagged this macro shot of the polish in the bottle. Doesn't it just scream Batman?! :)

I used 3 coats plus HK Girl topcoat for the photos below. Shorter nails could probably get away with just 2 coats. 

I just love how the yellow pops out against the more neutral base! The glitters in this polish definitely inspire imagery for me of moons, and the triangles remind me of Batman's pointed ears on his costume. This next photo is a macro shot of how Ever Dance with the Devil looks on the nail!

Seriously, that shimmer is unreal!!! Another thing I love is because the base is somewhat sheer (it needs to build a bit for full opacity), the final look has that amazing depth to it because you can just see the glitter from the previous layers peeking through. I love that!

Formula on this was lovely, as per usual with Jindie Nails. Jen truly is the master of the crelly, IMHO. Despite being so packed with glitter, the polish applied smoothly and evenly, with no clumping or dragging. I did play around a bit with placement of some of the shapes to get them exactly where I wanted them. Once they were on the nail, I just used the polish brush to drag them around a bit, but that's just me, you don't have to lol.

Again, I really think Jen's inspiration is so clear here, this is such the perfect Batman polish. It also brings to mind images of Pittsburgh too, so if you're a Steelers fan, that's a win win. ;) It couldn't hurt that one of the recent Batman movies was filmed in Pittsburgh. It's the perfect color palette in this polish. I snagged a shot using flash too so you could really see how those yellow glitters pop out and punch you right in the face! :D lol

Next, I've got Dollish Polish's contribution to the duo - Why So Serious? Inspired by the Joker!

Why So Serious? is described as:
"A vibrant royal purple crelly, jam-packed with micro glitter of varying shades, including holographic lime green, emerald, burnt orange, indigo, blue, holographic purple, iridescent blue, and sprinkled with olive, orange, and indigo flakies. Opaque in 2-3 coats."

Here's a macro shot in the bottle. It's seriously like a rainbow, OMG!

I've used 3 coats in these photos, with HK Girl topcoat.

This polish is seriously amazing! There are so many colors in it, I just kept staring at my nails! And, just like Jindie Nails' contribution, I think this is a perfect representation of the Joker. Again, I feel like even if you didn't know the subject of this duo, you could get this was a Joker-inspired polish. Love it! Here's a macro shot on the nail.

The base in this polish is so bright purple, it's stunning! And formula is perfect. The base is more pigmented than I thought it would be, and application was a breeze. Sometimes with these microglitters, you can get lumpy finishes due to clumping, but this one applies perfectly smoothly. The flakies are really awesome in this polish as well. The orange ones especially really pop! :)

Again, I took a shot with flash to really show you how bright this purple is. I wouldn't say it's a neon but it just pops right out, it's amazing! And I love all the different colors of glitter in this, it just makes me happy, this rainbow of color. :)

This duo is fabulous. Bottom line: you need it! I love them both, and they're so different, I don't think I could pick a favorite. If I'm feeling a bright polish with a rainbow of glitters, I'll reach for Why So Serious?, if I'm feeling something more metallic, shimmery, neutral colored with chunky glitters, I'd reach for Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?.

This amazing duo will up for pre-sale starting TODAY at 1pm CST, and it will be up for pre-sale all weekend until the 22nd. After that, it will be officially launched next Friday, March 27th. The duo retails for $20, and you can purchase it exclusively at Jindie Nails shop or Dollish Polish shop.

Set an alarm on your phone, make yourself a note, do whatever you need to do lol because you want to be sure to get your hands on one of these!

Thanks so much for reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these polishes below! <3

The products in this post were provided to me in exchange for my review. This review reflects my full and honest opinions of these products. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.


  1. These are incredible! Great swatches, as always!

  2. Love!!! Great swatches. Awesome review!!


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