Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge - Romantic Lace

Hi everyone! I have something so exciting to tell you today! I was recently contacted by my old friend Theodora of Theadorable Beauty Blog (Formerly Red Hair & Black Nail Polish) about participating in a Valentine's nail art challenge that she made up with Kaki of Glitter Obsession! I was SO excited to be involved. I did a summer nail art challenge that these ladies created when I first got into nail art, and it was so much fun. Today is the first day!

The theme for today is called Romantic Lace. I had some pictures in my head that I wanted to try to recreate, but turned out they are way harder than I imagined! I also SWORE I had a stamp that was somewhat lacy, but I searched through them all and came up empty. So, I found a simple lace nail art tutorial by Katy of Nailed It, and tried my hand at recreating those! You can see Katy's tutorial by clicking here. Now here's my attempt!

I used all Mentality polishes for this design. I used Sexy for most nails, and Rascal for the accent. Then, I used opposing colors to draw in the lace with a thin striping brush and my smallest dotter. I think this is one of those looks that takes practice lol. I think I'd be better at making smaller dots if I tried this mani again.

I used Seche Vite topcoat to smooth out the lines and dots, and then went over that with Butter London's matte topcoat to bring the matte look back. I felt it looked more like lace when it was mattified! :)

Overall, I was pretty proud of this look. I know it looks simple, but it's harder than it looks! And I kind of think the simplicity is part of the beauty of it. It felt like a very sophisticated and elegant look and color combination, would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this mani, and be sure to have a look at the other ladies' posts as well! Thanks for reading! <3



  1. Love the simple lace design here!

  2. Me too ! And gorgeous choice of colors and the matte looks elegant with this design!
    Love it <3

  3. So fantastic! Love the reversed accent nail.

  4. Beautiful. Really liking the red-black combo x


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