Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge: Red Passion

Hey everyone! I'm running a bit late today with my post, but I am here with the next installment in the Valentine's Day challenge. Today's theme is Red Passion! :)

I wasn't sure exactly how to make this theme translate onto the nails, so I just reached for the first polish that came to mind when I thought of Red Passion, and went from there! This is what I came up with. :) 

I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps and then did some subtle/abstract black stamping with one of my Vivid Lacquer plates. In the process, I realized I did not have a full size bottle of Ruby Pumps! I swore I did! I guess I only have the little mini one I got from Sally's one Christmas. I am going to have to fix that soon, though for all the fuss people make about it, it was a little sheer. Regardless, still gorgeous and SO sparkly - perfect for Red Passion! I topped it all off with HK Girl (obviously).

When taking photos, it was driving me nuts that the glare on the nails was obscuring the stamping. I had intended the stamping to be somewhat subtle and faint, but not totally indiscernible! So, I had an idea - matte it! :) I went in with Butter London's matte topcoat and absolutely LOVED the result. :)

Even though it didn't help the stamping design show up much clearer, I love the look of this matted! It seems very appropriate for red passion haha ;)

Before I matted this, I also tried snapping one shot with flash to help the stamping show up a bit better.

I really liked how this look turned out. Even though nothing came to mind right away when I thought of red passion, I think along the way, this mani really turned into something I felt was very fitting for the theme. I find that sometimes, with nail art, you just have to start working with no real plan for where it's going and just see where it takes you! I think it definitely worked this time. :)

As always, check out the other ladies work for today's theme, and thanks for stopping by! <3


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