Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge: Glitter Hearts

Hi everyone! I've got my next look for the Valentine's Day Challenge to show you today. This has been really fun so far! I'm enjoying pushing myself and trying new things. :)

That being said, I'm pretty disappointed with this look haha! I had this awesome idea in my head for today's theme, Glitter Hearts, and it just did not translate well on the nails. I wish I had some heart shaped nail vinyls or something, but this is what I came up with using the tools I had on hand. :)

I knew I wanted to use textured polishes in this mani, because even topcoated, textures make the most eye-popping glitters I think! So, I reached for some of my Zoya Pixie Dusts in shades reminiscent of Valentines Day. I used, from left to right, Cosmo, Lux, Arlo, and Arianna. I topped those off with Gelous and then HK Girl. Once that was dry, I cut some makeshift heart decals out of some old nail stickers (that did not work well at all haha) and painted over it with Sinful Colors Black on Black, and then peeled off the decals. I added another coat of HK Girl to seal it all in.

I attemped this first by freehanding the hearts using a striper, and it was a mess! So I removed it all and started from scratch. When my decals didn't work as well as I'd wanted, I was NOT going to start all over again haha, so this is my final look. I do wish it had turned out a bit smoother, but its not the worst! I still love how pretty the glitters look peeking through the black layer! :)

Though it wasn't perfect, I do love how those Pixie Dusts sparkle and shine! I'm so sad they are going away, though I do agree that the newer Pixie Dusts have a kind of weird formula. They're not that textured and not very matte. When they were like Cosmo and Lux, they were stunning! I would have loved more of those! :)

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to have a look at what the other girls created! <3



  1. I love the idea! And it's so sparkly *-* I have a similar design but the hearts are not that perfect either and sure as hell not that sparkly, so I love how yours came out <3

  2. So sparkly! These are some cute hearts.

  3. Wow, that sparkle. Beautiful x

  4. This is WAY better than any freehand hearts I could do! Lovely job!


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