Monday, January 26, 2015

Pahlish: First Day of my Life Duo

Hey everyone! Today I have a super late post to share with you, but it's too good not to share. For a while now, Pahlish has been releasing duos each month. These duos are available only during the month they are released, and typically they are a pair - a base polish and a glitter topper. I don't always have the extra cash to pick up the monthly duo but I could not resist last August. As soon as I read the name, I knew I had to have it - before I even saw the polishes haha. 
It's called the First Day of my Life duo, and it was inspired by an amazing Bright Eyes song! 

I have loved Bright Eyes since I was about 14 years old, their songs have always had a special meaning to me and have gotten me through some really tough songs. This song, however, is a wonderful love song that makes me cry in a good way haha! The video especially, give it a watch here if you have the time - it's an adorable video.

The first polish in the duo is called Meet Me in the Morning. It's a tiffany blue creme with a copper micro-flakie shimmer. Formula was absolutely perfect, no issues to report whatsoever. I used just 2 easy coats for full opacity here, plus HK Girl topcoat.

Next up is the glitter topper of the duo, called Blankets on the Beach. It's packed full of gold, copper and aqua glitters in various sizes and shapes, including hexes, squares and dots.

I've done two thin coats of Blankets on the Beach here. Again, no issues whatsoever with formula. All the glitters came out easily and evenly, I had no trouble with clumping and no need for fishing. I love how these polishes look layered together - truly a perfect pair! :)

I thought this polish was really aptly named as well! The glitters, especially the copper ones when paired over Meet Me in the Morning's flakies, just brings sand and sun to mind. Love it!

I think it's safe to say this is my favorite ever Pahlish duo, which made me happy because I was going to buy it no matter what it looked like because of the name alone haha. I do love how these two look together, but I bet Blankets on the Beach will look amazing over lots of colors. Next I want to try it over black or maybe an emerald green!

Be sure to check out the Pahlish shop and follow them on Facebook - there will be one more restock this coming Friday at 7pm Central, where you will have a chance to pick up the January duo, called Warmest Winter. It's stunning!

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. What a pretty duo this is! That blue is lovely and paired with that glitter, its fantastic.


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