Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mentality: Diverse & Orgasmic

*Nothing to disclose*
Hey everyone! :) Happy 2015!! I hope you are all feeling okay today and didn't party too hard last night haha. I don't know, I must just be getting old because as I was driving to work last night and I saw people waiting in lines outside to get into the clubs, all I could think was, "they must be freezing!" That kind of thing just doesn't seem as fun to me anymore! Oh well, I guess it happens to us all. I would much rather have been snuggled up at home with my fiance and our two fur babies, but of course, I had to work!

One thing I want to try to do in the coming year is become more diligent about my blogging. I had a few job changes this year and had a lot going on with wedding planning and such...and it seemed like I was letting my nail art and swatching fall by the wayside. I want to be more focused and more consistent with posting this year. I'm determined! I also want to lose quite a bit of weight before my wedding, so let's home I can stay as determined with that one lol.

Anyway, for my first post of 2015, I wanted to share some more swatches from what has become one of my favorite indie brands of all time: Mentality! I am always astounded by the amazing shades and flawless formulas in Mentality's polishes, and these two were no exception.

First up is Diverse, which is described as is a blackened dark yellow green holographic nail polish. I've used 2 coats in the following photos, plus topcoat, and as you can see, it was totally opaque!

I really liked this shade because it was something unique that I didn't have yet in my collection. I love green polish! This one is very earthy-feeling to me, and it reminds me of fall. The holo in it is stunning (of course, I happened to swatch it on one of the zillions of dreary days Ohio has) but I feel it is toned down enough that it would be work-appropriate for those of you that have to consider that.

Since I failed at capturing the sun that day, I had to snap a couple of flash photos to show the gorgeous holo sparkle in Diverse! :)

I adore the natural, yet still elegant look of this polish. The blackened yellow shimmer makes it shine like gold!

Next up is a somewhat drastic change, so prepare yourselves haha. This next polish is the complete opposite end of the color spectrum! Where Diverse is natural and subdued, Orgasmic is bright and in your face. It is described as a sparkling blue holographic stained glass polish with loads of pink and blue glass accents. I also swatched this one on my swatching hand, so my nails are super long haha. I wish I could always keep them that long as squares, but they always break at the edges. :( 

Anyway, feast your eyes on the amazing Orgasmic!

Luckily, when I wore this one, I found some sun! And as soon as I stepped out into my stairwell, I felt like the holo punched me in the face haha!! It is seriously amazing. The linear holo effect is SO strong, it's almost blinding - and I mean that in the best way possible. 

I love how bright and fun this color is, while still looking feminine and pretty. I think it's the pink glass accents! You can really see the pink around the edges of the nail and where the sun hits it. This is one of those polishes that you can stare at for a good bit of time and you'll keep finding something new. I love that!

I took the below photo with flash and left it kind of intentionally blurred to really show off the intense holo.  WOW - I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at it!

And of course, one more because I clearly am obsessed with this polish and maybe just a little bit wanted to show off my ring? Haha - I took these not long after we got engaged. I thought, this polish is insanely sparkly, why not show it off paired with more sparkles? ;) Also, this photo makes me miss my long squares again. :(

I'm so in love with both of these polishes, for different reasons. I would reach for Orgasmic more in the spring or early summer (which I did lol) but Diverse is such a perfect fall polish. Both have a gorgeous holo effect, but I would say it's definitely stronger in Orgasmic. However, both are amazing polishes, and if you ask me? You need both!

Both of these are currently available for sale now. Orgasmic retails for $9.25 and Diverse retails for only $7.50! Shipping is always free and SUPER fast. I've linked to both polishes you've seen here, or you can just check out Mentality's shop in general. There are tons of amazing polishes in literally every finish you can imagine!! Be sure to also follow them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up to date on new collections and sales.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Both of these are awesome shades. Happy New Year to you!


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