Tuesday, January 13, 2015

LynBDesigns Swatch Spam!

Hi guys! 
A while back, I bought my first ever LynBDesigns polishes when she had her Black Friday sale. I was super excited to try this brand anyway, so the sale was a perfect chance.

I'll be showing you most of them today: Off With Her Head, Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, Ragdoll, Wait Wait Wait...Is This a Kissing Book?, and Wild and Sweet. I'll have another post coming up soon with Friends Come In All Sizes and Nightmare Revisited. :)

First up today is Off With Her Head, which is from the Wonderland collection. It's described as a red jelly base with small red, silver, and white glitters. 

I can see that this is kind of a red jelly base, but to my eye, it leaned a bit purpleish. I did note that my bottle looked somewhat different from the bottle I saw in a post by Accio Lacquer, which looks like a true, bright red. I also seemed to notice more large hexes in my bottle and more squares in Accio Lacquer's. So, I'm not sure, but this one may have been reformulated. Regardless, it's still gorgeous! :)

Formula was great. Since OWHH is a jelly base, it is slightly sheer, but very buildable. In these photos, I'm wearing 3 coats plus HK Girl topcoat. Even with all the glitter in this one, it laid completely flat with topcoat! 

Next up is Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, from the Spark of Madness collection. It's described as a bright blue jelly with color shifting shimmer that changes from gold to green to blue. This polish is inspired by the genie in Aladdin, and I can definitely see that! :)

Formula was good, again this is another jelly, so it did need some building up but it's doable. I actually used 4 coats here, but I probably could have gotten away with 3, I just really hate any VNL! I used HK Girl topcoat.

The finish on this one is simply beautiful! The color shifting gold shimmer really glows in certain lighting. I can't get over how perfectly this matches to the genie! :)

Next up, we have Ragdoll, from the Nightmare Begins collection. It's inspired by Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. This polish is described as a stunning purple jelly with blue to green color shifting glass flecks.

This polish is seriously amazing, and frustratingly enough, I could not do it justice in photos! This one honestly just GLOWS. It actually looks the best in shade or low lighting, but of course, that makes the photos soft, so this was tough to capture! It is sheer like the others due to the jelly base, but again, formula was good. I used 3 coats here for opacity, but some slight VNL was still present. It wasn't enough to bother me though. :) I used HK Girl topcoat here.

This next one is kind of in indirect sunlight, and you can really see the glow here. So pretty!! I love that bright blue flash that shows up in certain lights. :)

Here we have, Wait Wait Wait...Is This A Kissing Book? hereafter referred to as "Wait" haha. Long name but amazing polish! This one is from the Dweam Wiffim a Dweam collection, and it is described as a flakie top coat. It's got hot pink, red, and gold flakies. Jenna says it can be the perfect topper or stand alone polish. I noted that it is in a red/dark pink jelly base, so I chose to build it up alone rather than layering it. This is 4 coats with HK Girl topcoat.

Formula on this was great! The flakies are absolutely incredible - I adore this color combination. In the future, I probably would layer this over a pink or red to conserve polish, but I wanted to see how it stacked up by itself, and I have no issues to report with the formula. :)

Click to enlarge one of these photos to really see up close how awesome these flakies are! I think this one might be my favorite of the 5 shown here. So gorgeous! :)

Last for today - Wild and Sweet. This one was a limited edition, released as a gift on Black Friday when you spent a certain amount of money in the shop. It's not currently available for sale in the shop to my knowledge. It is described as a medium berry toned pink cream base with golden shimmer.

I was so glad to receive this polish with my order - it's so pretty! It feels very soft and feminine, in my opinion. It reminds me of last year's Pantone color, radiant orchid. And I love the shimmer in this, it really adds a pop of something extra! I've used 3 coats here plus HK Girl topcoat.

I had absolutely no issues with formula, this applied like a dream! And just check out that shimmer in the photo below, where the light hits it - stunning! I can definitely see myself using this in nail art in the future. :)

Overall, my first experience with LynBDesigns was great! At first I thought the polishes were a bit sheer for my taste, until I went through and realized that I literally ordered ALL jellies haha! Totally my fault. Even with that being said, the formulas on all of them were great! I think in the future, I would layer most of these just to conserve polish, but that's to be expected with any jelly.

I did notice that LynBDesigns has some really unique and eye-catching color combinations and finishes. I love the shimmers she uses, flakies, glitters - how it all works together with the bases she makes. Another thing I really liked about her polishes is how clearly you can see the inspiration she draws from. Just looking at the polishes instantly brings to mind the characters that the polishes represent, which I always think is really cool. I will definitely be trying more LynBDesigns in the future. :)

Right now, 4 out of 5 of these polishes are available in the LynBDesigns shop. Unfortunately, they are no longer Black Friday priced haha, but Jenna seems to have sales often, and even at full price, they are very reasonable. All of the available polishes shown here today (with the exception of Ragdoll which retails for $10) retail for $8.

You can find these and many other amazing creations in the LynBDesigns Etsy shop, and be sure to follow LynBDesigns on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up to date on new releases (a new collex is coming Jan 24th!) and sales.

Thanks for reading! <3

These polishes were purchased by me, with the exception of the Black Friday gift. This review reflects my full and honest opinions. I am not being compensated in any way for this post. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.


  1. My bottle of OWHH looks nothing like yours. It's not red like in Accio's post, more of a berry, but there are no hexes and it's definitely not purple.

  2. Nice swatches of all these colors. There very pretty.

  3. These all look lovely!! I ordered Ragdoll during her Black Friday sale too but haven't worn it yet, your swatches of it look awesome!!


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