Friday, August 29, 2014

Cow Nail Art

Hi everyone - Happy Friday! I have a fun, simple nail art look to share with you today. One weekend a few months back, I had naked nails and randomly thought - I'll make cows!

I thought these turned out really cute! Sorry about the cut on my pinky - I tried to cover it up with my watermark lol.

I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base, then my Orly black striper to make the spots and the eyes. I used Sinful Colors Pink Forever for the nose, and topped it all off with HK Girl topcoat! :)

What do you think of these nails? Is this something you'd wear? I'd love to hear below!
<3 Kelly

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unboxing: Sunny's Body Products Summer Exclusive Box!!

Hi lovelies!! I know it's kind of late for a post but I just couldn't wait to share this unboxing with you all!! I feel like I've been waiting for this box for ages - mainly because it's epic and I'm impatient. Also because my mailman is a jerk and left a NOTE yesterday instead of my box - BOO!

These new exclusive seasonal boxes from Sunny's Body Products (AKA 365 Days of Color) are an amazing value, and who am I kidding?! The scents are exclusive to these boxes, so I couldn't resist picking up a box. These scents will never be available again! :o I love tropical and fruity scents too, so I knew the summer box would be perfect.

The packaging itself was adorable - even the tape!

Here's what I saw when I first opened up the box!

My mail inspectors were very suspicious about this fact, Trixie said it was crucial that she TASTE it before I go on. She determined it tasted pretty good, so good in fact, I had to pry it away from her...

...only to have Cleo move in to give it a taste. My cats are weird. Regardless, she gave it her seal of approval too.

Here is everything with all the packaging, tape, etc removed. Just look at all this!! It felt like Christmas! :)

First up is the miracle balm in Beach Bum. Just look at the size of this thing! As Polishaholic has done in her review here, I've set the Beach Bum balm next to a sample size miracle balm - it's huge!I've never made it through one of my sample pots, so I think this one will last me my entire life - which I'm definitely okay with. This scent reminds me of the old fashioned, goopy sunscreen my mom slathered on me as a kid. It's lovely! Makes me feel all nostalgic. :) Sunny's balm is heaven - I have several in my nightstand drawer that I rotate between and put on before bed every night.

Next up is Sunny's hand cream in Sun & Sand. This scent is very light and airy and smells like the beach. It's hard to describe. But I like that it smells very clean and it's not too overpowering. The hand cream is a bit too greasy for use during the day, at least for my skin - I prefer to use it at night before bed and wear my cotton gloves to sleep in - I wake up with ridiculously soft hands! I use Sunny's hand cream in the winter when my skin is REALLY dry and needs an extra dose of moisture.

Now for Sunny's Hand Sugar Scrub in Paradise Reef. Sunny's sugar scrub is an amazing product. I use it to get rid of any dry or rough patches on my skin. It leaves my hands feeling moisturized but not overly so. Paradise Reef is another that's hard to describe! It reminds me of ocean and has a bit of a 'clean man' aroma to it haha! It reminds me of the soap my fiance uses a bit. Another very clean, fresh scent that definitely says summer.

I've only very recently experienced Sunny's Intensive Cuticle Therapy. I bought a sampler recently and I've been very impressed so far. I apply the intensive oil when I'm just sitting around watching TV and I let it soak into my cuticles and rub it into my nail beds. I honestly think it's helping - I haven't noticed my nails cracking or peeling like they used to. Seaside is a sweet, airy scent that reminds me of cotton candy or other summer confections. And of course, it stirs images of the beach as all these products do! Again, have a look at the size of this bottle compared to the sample size. I can't imagine myself ever using all this up! :)

Next up is the cuticle oil, which I think I would say is my favorite of all of Sunny's products (so far)! I use the cuticle oil literally every single time I take nail photos, and randomly throughout the day as well. I have a couple in my desk at work, some in my purse, some in my nightstand...and all over my house lol. I love that it absorbs quickly, leaving dry cuticles quenched with no trace of greasiness at all. This is another monstrous sized product, and I am not complaining in the least! Here it is next to a sampler sized bottle. Hawaiian Suntan is another amazing scent. I'm getting traces of coconut, tropical aromas and something like tanning oil, and it makes me think of drinking tropical drinks with my toes in the sand. Sigh...I'm not ready for summer to be over.

Last, but certainly not least - Sunny's newest product - her Lip Saver in Tequila Sunrise. This was probably what I was most exciting to try out, not only because it's a new product, but Tequila Sunrise is my favorite cocktail. Gosh, it's been too long since I've had one - better put orange juice on my grocery list!

This Lip Saver FAR exceeded my expectations!!! The scent is to die for, and my lips felt SO moisturized. I put it on as soon as I opened the box, at about 5pm, and I could still feel it on my lips even after I ATE DINNER hours later - what?! (Side note: Lasagna and Tequila Sunrise together, not the best mix...) My lips felt so smooth and I could still smell/taste the fruitiness. That's a success to me. I can't wait to try more flavors in Sunny's Lip Saver. Next is a larger photo in case anyone is curious about the ingredients. 

If you missed out on this box, I'm sorry for you! It is truly amazing, I'm so glad I got it. I love all the scents, and the amount of product is such a great value for the price. But, if you did miss out, you don't have to be sad for too long.....check out what's coming next!

I happen to have had a look at the scent descriptions and I'm beyond anxious for this to come out. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and I am such a sucker for anything Halloween related, so I pretty much knew I would get this box, but when I read the descriptions, my head nearly exploded! I'm most excited for Poison Pie, Bite Me, and Kiss of Death! I can't wait! Be sure to follow 365 Days of Color on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up to date on new products, new scents, and launch dates!

Did you get your hands - aha, see what I did there!? - on this box? Which scent is your favorite? Which of these is your favorite go-to product of Sunny's? I'd love to hear below. <3

Thanks for looking,

Lucky 13 Lacquer: Accio Lacquer and Sharp of Mind

Hi lovelies! Today I have some swatches from the vault. If I'm not mistaken, these two were my first ever Lucky 13 Lacquers - Accio Lacquer and Sharp of Mind!

Here is the description of Accio Lacquer from Lucky 13's BigCartel shop:
"Stone grey crelly base with hot orange, blood red, and gold microflakes.
Created in collaboration with Mishka of Accio Lacquer and inspired by Harry's fight with the Hungarian Horntail during the Triwizard Tournament."
Mishka is one of my favorite bloggers - her swatches are flawless and her reviews are hilarious - and on top of that, this polish is stunning, so I knew I had to have it! These photos show 3 coats with Seche Vite topcoat. Formula was perfect, I have zero issues to report.

Accio Lacquer retails for 8.50 for a full size bottle, and you can pick it up here.

Next up is Sharp of Mind. Sadly, this one is not available anymore - I'M SORRY!! But, it's too good not to share!

Sharp of Mind is a bright blue crelly with bronze glitters. It's super pigmented - this is 2 coats with Seche Vite topcoat. Again, formula was a dream - no issues whatsoever. I also had no trouble at all with staining, which can be a problem with blues sometimes.

I had to have this one because I always felt like I'd be a Ravenclaw if I went to Hogwart's, although recently, I've realized I think I'd be more of a Hufflepuff. Regardless, this polish is seriously gorgeous - I'm so glad I got it! Side note: I so miss my pointy nails - not really stilettos but not really almonds, somewhere in between. I felt like this shape was so flattering, but I scratched myself too many times to count haha.

As I mentioned, Sharp of Mind is no longer available, but you can check out all the other amazing Lucky 13 Lacquers in her BigCartel shop here. I know I have been drooling over several, I can't wait until I have some extra cash for polishes! :D Also be sure to follow Lucky 13 on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on new collections and sales!

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Orly Androgynie

Hey all! Today I have a quick swatch post for you - Orly Androgynie! 

I bought this one a LONG time ago and kind of forgot about it in my Helmer. Turns out I've been missing out - it's a really pretty shade! My only complaint is that I wish it went on a bit more like it looks in the bottle. It ends up being very base heavy and the glitters aren't as apparent on the nail. They're kind of transparent, color-shifting glitters though, so they really stand out in the shade as seen in the following photo.

I used three coats of Androgynie alone for these photos, but you could also layer it over black. Personally, I like the depth you get with polishes like this when you use it alone, so I prefer to go sans undies. :) I used Seche Vite topcoat and everything felt completely smooth.

You can purchase Orly Androgynie at places like Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta, or you can get it at the Orly website for only 3.99! That's a great price. I've always liked Orly because the polish bottle is slightly larger than the normal size, so you're getting a bit extra for your money!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this polish. What's your favorite Orly shade?


Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Dotticure

Hi everyone! I figured I'd start the week off with a nail art post for you! I did this look a few months back when I wanted something bright and fun for my first day at my new job. 

I used OPI Thanks a Windmillion as a base for this green dotticure. I wanted to use all cool colors for this one. The dots are with Zoya Giovanna, Orly Frisky, Orly Coachella Dweller, Orly Teal Unreal. I had gotten some different sized dotting tools from Amazon, so I used those and just alternated the polishes. 

I got so many compliments on these when I started work, my co-workers didn't believe that I'd done them myself! :)

I really loved this look - I'd love to hear what you think below! :)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Sweet Color polish

Good morning all!! Today I have another Born Pretty Store review for you. :) After my last series of reviews, Daisy from Born Pretty Store asked me to select some more items to try. This gorgeous Sweet Color polish really caught my eye and I had to test it out!

I LOVE flakie toppers, I've always wanted to get those old Finger Paints flakies, but I've only been able to get my hands on one. So, in the meantime, I'm always on the lookout for others! This one is seriously stunning - it's got so many different colors of glitter - I spot purple, green, yellow, orange, and pink, at least!

These Sweet Color flakies on Born Pretty Store's site comes in 11 shades, this one is #4. I can't wait to try some more different colors! I find that these types of glitters are prettiest layered over black, at least in my opinion. I layered 2 coats over Sweet Color #4 over Sinful Colors Black on Black and topped it off with HK Girl topcoat.

The way the flakies shift colors in different lighting is gorgeous!

Sweet Color flakie toppers retail for 11.79/each and you can see all the colors here. I've got my eye on #2, #6, and #11 next! If you do decide to pick up one of these amazing shades, or any other items at Born Pretty Store, make sure you use my code below to get 10% off!

Thanks for reading!
<3 Kelly

Friday, August 22, 2014

Essie: Butler Please with subtle stamping

Hey all! It's Friday - thank goodness! This week has felt like one of the longest in a while. I plan on doing some much needed relaxing this weekend, as well as cleaning the house and catching up on editing.

Today I have a simple stamping mani to share with you. A while back, I was gifted Essie Butler Please from a Reddit user, and I have to say, it is one of the most amazing blues in my collection now! It's extremely bright, so bright in fact it was hard to capture it in photos. I did this mani right in the middle of summer and was feeling a nautical theme to go with this blue, so here's what I came up with! These first two photos were taken in indirect natural sunlight.

I didn't want to overpower the base, so I chose a subtle complimentary color for stamping - I used Zoya Hazel. I had also just received my MoYou plates in the mail, so I tried out some designs from the Sailor plate  (7) I got! It was easier to see the stamping in the shade, here's a photo to show you what I mean. My favorite stamp is the one on my index finger!

This next one was taken in direct natural lighting, though it was a bit overcast. 

This last one was taken with flash. It seems the brighter the lighting, the more the stamping hides. But, look at that bright blue! Butler Please is seriously stunning!

Overall I really liked this look. The stamping was more apparent in person, but I like the way that Butler Please is the star here. The MoYou plates are gorgeous, I can't wait to try the images with some bolder color choices.
Thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swatch: KB Shimmer Green Hex & Glam

Hi everyone, happy Thursday! I am SO beyond excited for the weekend. I have had a crazy, busy, stressful week at work, so I've just got a quick swatch post from the vault for you today.

Quick disclaimer: I didn't realize how lobstery my hands look in these due to the lightbox and the green polish. I should have edited the warmth in the photos, but these photos are pretty true to color in regards to the polish so I left it the way it is. So, ignore my lobster hands, pretty please? Thanks! :) 
Now, check out KB Shimmer Green Hex & Glam!

This polish was a collaboration shade done with Kayla Shevonne. It is a gorgeous dark green jelly full of silver holographic hexes in various sizes. I guess this was meant to be a wintery Christmas shade, but I think it's great for anytime! :) I used 3 coats for these photos and Seche Vite topcoat.

What do you think of Green Hex & Glam? For me, I've yet to find a KB Shimmer polish I haven't liked - this one is no exception. The depth of all the various glitters in that amazing base is what really gets me. Two thumbs up! :)
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jindie Nails: End It! (and giveaway over at Manifest Destany)

 Hi everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I've had a headache since Tuesday, and I'm still fighting it off, I wish I had two more weekend days to work on that. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be rough.
Today I have a mani for a wonderful cause to share with you! Destany over at Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom (AKA Manifest Destany) is bringing awareness to Human Trafficking by sponsoring a giveaway and showcasing user-submitted manis in support of the End It movement. Head over to her blog to get more information, find out how you can give back, and also enter her giveaway - there are some amazing prizes!

The mani I'm wearing is a polish created by Jindie Nails, called End It! and it was created to raise awareness of human trafficking. I thought it was the perfect polish to go along with Destany's giveaway, not to mention it's gorgeous!

From the Jindie Nails website:
"End it! has a black jelly base with red hex, dots and a few starts throughout. It has a sprinkling of silver holo small hex glitters for extra sparkle.  It's opaque in about 3 coats."
I think it might be the UV Protection in the Yellow Stopper base coat I use, but in the heat and direct, bright sunlight, it turned the jelly base almost purple! I didn't use any undies - the swatches here are 3 coats of End It! alone. I think if I would have used this polish over black, it would have come across more black. Regardless, it's still pretty! Just thought I'd let everyone know that typically, it won't look this purple - I believe it's my base coat that made it look this way.

The formula of this jelly was pretty good, the only glitters that I had to fish out were the big circles, but that's to be expected. I turned the bottle upside down for about 10 minutes before application, and that helped a lot. :)

Here are some photos with flash (not in direct sunlight) that reflect more the true color of the polish base. I love the black and red together, it's really striking! 

Be sure to head over to Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom to enter Destany's giveaway and get more information on human trafficking. And make sure you are following Jindie Nails on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on restocks so that you can get your hands on End It! the next time it's in stock!
Thanks so much for reading! <3