Monday, November 17, 2014

Spellbound Nails: Unholy Holo

Happy Monday everyone! I have a long day ahead of me with work and meetings today, so I'm just hoping it goes quickly. :[

Today I have a fun swatch post for you. This is a stunning thermal from Spellbound Nails that was released last fall - Unholy Holo! So what could make this even better than just being a thermal, and a holo? It's scented! This one smells like apple cinnamon, and it still smells great even after I've had it for a year! :)

I've started off by showing you Unholy Holo in its warm state, which is a light green apple shade with a lovely holographic sparkle.

Next up, Unholy Holo in its cold state is a lovely caramel-y orange color - I love it like this! I had to go outside in my car to get my entire nail to be cold enough to show. Luckily I had a cold fall day when I wore this so you can appreciate this beauty in all of its stages. :)

And, of course, the best of all - thermals in their transitional state are the coolest! It is like a built in french mani with none of the work. The tips of the nails that are not attached to my finger show the "cold" state, and the nail beds stay in the "warm" state. I love how you can have an effortless mani that looks like you worked hard on it. ;) People are always fascinated by this too, so you can get some positive attention at work or school if you just run your hands under some water haha! :)

This lovely thermal along with one other were my first ever experiences with Spellbound Nails, and I was definitely impressed! This polish really reminds me of caramel apples, which just screams fall and I love that. It looks just like a granny smith apple dipped in caramel, and then with the apple cinnamon scent on top of that? It's enough to make you hungry after wearing this all day! :)

What do you think of this polish? Have you tried any polishes from Spellbound Nails? If you like this one, right NOW is the time to try it! It's on sale currently for only $7! Go go go!

Thanks for reading,
<3 Kelly

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  1. How pretty! Love the drastic color change to it too.


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