Monday, November 24, 2014

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Inspired by a Book (Harry Potter)

Hi everyone! I've been so busy with work lately, and when I come home I've been too tired and lazy for nail art haha. But, I'm coming in at the end of the month with my 4 looks for this month's Nail Challenge Collaborative theme - Inspired by a Book!

My first look is inspired by Harry Potter. I've wanted to do a look showing the Harry Potter house colors forever, and this was the perfect opportunity. I didn't want to do anything super fancy, just a simple, cute design showing the house colors!

I really liked this look! I had always thought I would be in Ravenclaw because I'm a dork and I love reading and learning. But, I recently took a test just for fun and found out I would be a Hufflepuff! I was shocked - I have been living a lie since 6th grade! Haha, too bad I hate yellow. I actually liked the look of the Slytherin nail best here. Those colors are so pretty together. This mani reminds me of wrapping paper - that was unintentional! I'm fully against making Christmas a thing before its time. It drives me nuts when Christmas music and ads start in early November. :p

I'll make a list of the polishes I used because it will just be easier.
Gold - Essie Good As Gold
Red - Zoya Posh
Black - Sinful Black on Black
Yellow - Sally Hansen Lightening
Bronze - Mentality Sparkplug
Blue - Sinful Midnight Blue
Silver - Zoya Trixie
Green - Zoya Veruschka
HK Girl topcoat

This was a really fun look to create! Striping tape always gives such clean, fun designs that are so simple to do. Plus, people are always asking how you get your lines so crisp, it's an ego booster haha! Be sure to check out what everyone else has done for Week 1 of Inspired by a Book month!

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. These look great! I like all the different colors for these stripes.


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