Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nail Art Society: Something Borrowed kit

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Hi everyone!
I kinda debated how or if I was even going to post this one, but I ultimately decided that I loved the nail art too much to just delete it!

You may have seen my previous posts mentioning that I was involved with a monthly sub group called Nail Art Society. Well, a few months ago, the company ceased to exist...and I honestly don't have any more information than that, I just know there is no more Nail Art Society. I sincerely hope they come back some day, I've received some great kits from them and think they had a lot of potential.

Anyway, this was the last kit I received from Nail Art Society, and I just loved the look I created so much I had to share it! This was the Something Blue kit. It was an appropriately timed kit somehow, because I received it the month I got engaged! :) Here's the little insert that was included in the box.

This is how the box looked before I unwrapped everything. The packaging was really cute!

And here's everything that was included. This was a really great kit - it included tons of goodies. First up is the nail polish from this month's kit - a gorgeous Jessica shade called Boyz n Berry.

A set of nail strips from the Creme shop:

A Sally Hansen nail art pen in White:

A pair of tiny nail art or crafting scissors (these are great for cutting up nail strips or striping tape!):

A pair of silver decorative rings:

And probably my favorite items, some nail art accessories including a gorgeous shield and two pretty white bows:

And here's the look I created! I tried to incorporate all the items included in the kit, but I ended up not using the nail art pen. I had enough going on in this mani, and I thought if I tried to add more, it might look too busy.

I started with a base of Boyz n Berry on all the nails and used HK Girl topcoat. I stuck the two bows and the nail shield on while the topcoat was still wet. Then, I trimmed the nail strip a bit to fit my nail and stuck it on top once the topcoat was dry. The shields are self-adhesive, so they don't need wet topcoat to be able to stick. I did notice that I had some trouble getting the strip to lay completely flat due to the rhinestones in it. It just made the decal want to stick up in places, but it wasn't too noticeable in person. My nail beds have a high arch - if yours aren't quite so high, you likely would have less trouble with it.

Given the theme of the box, I had to take just one shot with my engagement ring in it! I definitely get the feel of the box as being bridal and elegant, I loved that! This mani really made me fall in love with nail shields too, this one is so gorgeous. I have been drooling over so many at Daily Charme, I need to just place an order next time I've got some extra cash. Which may be a while lol. But I just love the elegant look of a nail shield as an accent if you're looking for a mani for a night out or a formal event. Not very practical though, it could fall off, although it held on pretty well for me when I pressed it into HK Girl. If you use a thinner topcoat, you may have more trouble with accessories like this falling off easily. There's always nail glue, but I try to avoid using it if I can. :)

Overall, I absolutely adored this look! This kit was so great, it included so many great accessories and they all worked perfectly together. I think this might have been one of my favorite NAS kits ever. I was so sad to learn that they were closing, but as I said, I do hope they'll return someday!

Thanks for reading! 
<3 Kelly

I was provided with this kit in exchange for a full and honest review. I was a Nail Art Society Renowned Artist, but that in no way affected my review of these products. For more information please see my Disclosure Statement.


  1. What a great kit this turned out to be. Love the results of your nails you got with it. So cute!

  2. Great products, but your manicure is mind blowing beautiful, love the charm, the polish color, everything is perfect together!


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