Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Purple Holo Skulls

Hey everyone! I'm in a great mood today because tomorrow is my Friday! :) I hope you're all having a great week too.

Today I've got ANOTHER Robin Moses inspired design to share with you. This one felt appropriate, with this being Halloween season and all!

This is my take on a mani I saw on Robin Moses' blog (after I first found it on Google), but I wasn't able to find the Youtube tutorial for it. Robin's version actually used pink and black instead of black, but I didn't have a pink holo that I could think of and I wanted to try a different twist anyway. Here's Robin's mani:

I really like how mine came out with the purple too! :)

The sun in Ohio was NOT cooperating the da I took these, but I manage to get one shot in the sun when I was getting in my car to get groceries haha.

I started out by painting the top half of the nails black. If your halfway line isn't completely straight, it's okay because you will be adding that "bone" stripe across. I painted the tips and the accent nails using Jindie Nails Polo, a gorgeous purple linear holo. I had to take most of the photos with flash to show you all the holo goodness in Polo, but the effect is even stronger in direct sunlight. Then I used a striping brush and Wet n Wild On a Trip for the horizontal stripes. Finally, I freehanded the skulls and bows using my striping brush and a dotting tool. I topped everything off with HK Girl.

This was such a fun and kind of edgy look, even though the skull has a bow and hearts for eyes! I think it would also look great with a neon green color palette or even orange! Here is a close up of my thumb - of course the skull turned out better on the nail I never photograph. 

I loved the way this design came out! I am so thankful for Robin Moses' channel, sometimes you just hit that nail art block and you need some inspiration - she literally has a nail art look for everything you can think of! Be sure to check her out.
And don't forget to head over to Jindie Nails shop to pick up Polo and browse the rest of the pretties - I received an epic nail mail from Jen yesterday so I will have swatches up for you very soon! :)

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. These are so cute and edgy! They turned out awesome.


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