Monday, October 27, 2014

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Stripes #3 (Mentality Black Line Holos)

Happy Monday! I'm still getting used to my new work schedule and staying up late after working 1st shift all those months. For now, my "weekends" are Tuesday and Wednesday, so weirdly enough, while most of you are dreading today because it's Monday, it's actually my Friday! Haha, that sounded way more confusing than I thought it would.

Today I have a nail art that I've been so excited to share. This is my 3rd look for the Nail Challenge Collaborative's Stripe theme, and this was the look that popped into my head when pondering over ideas. I knew I wanted to use some of the Mentality Black Line Holos, and I knew I wanted to create kind of "wonky" uneven stripes, but this turned out even cooler than it looked in my head! :)

I ended up going with my favorite 4 shades of the Black Line Holo collex: Combat, Battle, Resist, and Inhibit. I started with a different base on each nail, then topcoated, then use little pieces of tape to create the stripes. I did each stripe at a slight angle to create the kind of wobbly looking effect. I actually used one piece of tape to create each line, and the edges that weren't taped I was able to paint straight across using just the brush that came with the polish! These polishes are so wonderfully pigmented, they needed just one coat each to look this vibrant.

After all the stripes were done and I had a little tape graveyard on my table, I let these dry for a bit and then topped it off with another layer of HK Girl. I guess I didn't wait quite long enough, because I smeared some of the polish after wrapping my tips, but I think it still looks pretty. :)

I cannot say enough good things about this collection from Mentality. It's such a perfect fall collection, so versatile and lovely for nail art! There are just so many things you can do with it. Last weekend, I wore Dissent to my dad's wedding. It was neutral enough for a formal occasion, but still blingy and sparkly to show off some personality.

Here's one more shot with flash to really show off how the pop of the different colors and the holo sparkle. These would have been gorgeous in the sun - if we had any! :(

I just cannot get enough of this look, I definitely think I want to try it out with some of the other Black Line Holo shades from Mentality. This kind of simple nail art would look pretty in a lot of different color palettes. I think I will be trying out some more soon! :)

What do you think of this look? I'd love to hear! And be sure to check out what the others came up with for Week 3!



  1. I would never thought that these colors would go so well together. Love it!

  2. So pretty! Love the mix of colors.


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