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Mentality Nail Polish: Black Line Holo collex (Part 2) + Diem

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Hey everyone! Ready for Part 2?! My overall favorites are in this group!
First thing's first, in case you missed it, yesterday I reviewed 5 of Mentality's Black Line Holo collection, which you can see by clicking here. Today, I'll be showing you the final 4, as well as a bonus shade from an amazing multichrome duo. AND, if you stick with me until the end, I have a little surprise for one lucky reader!

Let's get to it!

The first polish I have to show you today is Inhibit, described by Mentality as a dark orange holographic.

I've used 2 coats of Inhibit for these photos, followed by Mentality's Gloss topcoat. Same as yesterday - no issues to report with the formula! These are very pigmented polishes, they would all be great for stamping - however, I experienced no staining at all, which is always such a plus!

This one came across more bronze/brownish on my skin tone in the lightbox, but you can definitely see the burnt orange tone in the natural daylight photo below. This one will be great for autumn nail art for sure!

Also I had to include a flash photo to show off all the amazing holo sparkles! I just love how in certain lightings, a lot of these polishes look almost like a gradient due to the way the light hits it. :)

Oppose is described as a beige holographic.

This is one of those great nude shades that would be very appropriate for work or formal occasions, but still is very eye-catching. I've shown 2 coats of Oppose with Gloss topcoat. This is another that I felt the topcoat may have dulled the holo a bit - it was more evident before I added topcoat, but it is still stunning!

And of course, a photo with flash!

Next up is hands down, my favorite of the collection! Resist, a dark forest green holographic.

This is one of those super vibrant jewel tones that I mentioned before. That's one of the things I loved about this collection - it's such a great mix of shades that there really is something for everyone. Personally, I love bright colors like this - and the holo effect was very strong as well.

These photos show 2 coats of Resist topped with Gloss. Again, formula was wonderful - absolutely no issues to report. Completely smooth, even coverage, highly pigmented, and no staining as greens/blues sometimes can. I can't wait to try stamping with this one! Here's a shot in natural lighting, overcast day. Just look at the depth of this one - it can almost look turquoise in certain angles, like a mermaid's tale!

Lastly, a flash shot - I LOVE this one. Since this shade is kind of like a blackened green, the darker almost black shows at the edge of the cuticle when the light hits it at this angle. So cool looking! :)

And last of the Black Line Holos is Revolt, probably my second favorite of the collection (it might be a tie with Combat). Revolt is a dark purple holographic.

This is another one of those super vivid jewel tones - this type of shade reminds me of royalty! Formula was perfect, I used 2 coats plus Gloss for these photos.

And here's a flash shot - this is a gorgeous vampy shade for fall!

So, that concludes the Black Line Holo collection! It is honestly such an amazing collection. My top picks are: Resist, Revolt, and Combat...but trust me, you really need them all. ;)

But, before I do my whole recap thing, I have one more polish to share with you! Along with the Black Line Holos, I also received Diem, which is described by Mentality as: a blackened yellow green, that shifts to green and silvery white. Diem is a gorgeous multichrome with glass flecks! 

This polish is so multidimensional, I felt like it was constantly surprising me in different angles and lights. I love shades like this - just when you think you've got an idea what color it is, move your hand a bit and you're proven wrong! :)

In some lighting, it even looked like it had blue tones. Check out this picture in natural lighting, around the edges of the nail, to see what I mean. Another cool thing about Diem is that it is SO reflective! It almost looks like a nail foil to me. And the glass flecks give it such a beautiful depth.

I actually found that Diem looked its best in the shade! Without the bright sunlight shining directly on it, it just kind of seems to glow. Absolutely love this polish!! It reminds me of a beetle's wings. :)

So Diem is actually part of a duo, along with another polish named Carpe, which is a blackened pink toned red that shifts to orange, yellow and green, with hints of blue. As I mentioned yesterday, I accidentally received an extra Dare in my box in place of Carpe, so I wanted to share a swatch with you from the always amazing Cosmetic Sanctuary. This way, you have a true picture of what you would be getting if you purchased this stunning pair!

Lisa does a great job catching the color-shift in this next photo!

Look at this bottle shot - so many different colors! I definitely think you need both of these beauties. ;)

The Black Line Holo collection retails for 65.00 as a set, which you can purchase here, and the polishes retail for 7.75 a piece if purchased individually. So you'd be saving 4.75 if you bought the entire set - just saying! Mentality has tons of other great polishes available as well, including flawless stamping polishes, jellies, holos, mattes and tons be sure you look over their website. And as always, shipping is free (within US)! Carpe and Diem retail for 8.25 each.

Here's a handy recap of my swatches to help you decide which polishes you need! :)

And now, as promised, to reward you for sticking with me so long, I have a giveaway for you! There's no sense in letting that extra bottle of Dare go to waste, so I'm hosting a quick little giveaway for it! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. You must be 18 or over, live in the US or have a US friend who will receive the package for you, and absolutely NO cheating will be tolerated. I will be verifying all entries.
Thanks so much for reading, and GOOD LUCK! <3

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  1. These look amazing especially for fall right now! Good luck to everyone who can enter this giveaway too! Wish I lived in the US now, lol.


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