Friday, October 10, 2014

Jindie Nails Stamping

Hi everyone - TGIF!!! I'm thankful it's Friday, but wish I could enjoy it more...I've had this same headache since LAST Friday, so not at all happy about that. My usual prescription isn't working this time, and even the Toradol shot the doctor gave me yesterday only worked for a few hours. I think this is officially my longest headache! Fingers crossed it goes away soon, my mom is visiting this weekend to help me shop for outfits for my engagement photoshoot in a couple of weeks. :)

Anyway, a group I'm in called Jindie Junkies, which is a fan group for Jindie Nails polishes and their amazing creator Jen, has come up with a posting schedule for the month of October. Each day in October was assigned a different theme, and one or two Jindie Junkies signed up to create a look for each day. Myself and Shelby Lou Nails both wanted to sign up for today's theme - a stamped mani!

I started with a base of What Are You Smokin' Mirrors, one of the Jindie Nails Halloween polishes released last year. It's a grey crelly with gold and silver dots, squares and a hint of shimmer. It's a gorgeous polish on its own, but the theme was to stamp it. For some reason, this key image on my Vivid Lacquer plate (VL 028) stood out to me. Maybe because of the gold and silver, I had metal on the brain? I don't know, but I stamped using that plate and Sinful Colors Black on Black.

Can we just stop and take a second to appreciate my new lighting set up?! Thank goodness for Wondrously Polished, she opened my eyes to OttLite bulbs and the lighting in my light box is so perfect now! I got the 25W bulb that is around 5600K, and it was less than $7 at Lowe's. I didn't have to do any color correcting or editing to these photos, which is amazing for me! Now that I compare the two, I see how yellow my old light bulb was, and my photos would come out too warm, giving me lobster hands and making the polish look different than it really was. With this new bulb, I snap the pictures, crop and watermark and DONE - no more trying to mess with color balance for hours on end. Okay, I'm done raving now! :D

I first used a coat of Mentality Gloss topcoat to help prevent smearing - it worked wonderfully! I did a coat of Seche Vite on top of that to smooth out the surface and speed up dry time. I'm really impatient. After cleaning up a bit around the cuticles, I used Sunny's Cuticle Oil as always. This time, I used Pumpkin Patch - I'm so excited to pull out my fall scents again! But I'm even more excited to buy new fall scents haha, in fact - I'm placing a massive order today! :)

Overall, I really loved how this look came together. My stamping is still not perfect - I'm not sure if it ever will be. I am so envious of those bloggers who get perfectly crisp transferred images. But, I'll keep at it because I still love the look of a stamped design.

Check out Jindie Nails at her shop and on Facebook to see all of the gorgeous polishes she has to offer. Currently, she has a Halloween themed collaboration with Dollish Polish, a duo of polishes inspired by Frankenstein and his bride. These are limited edition and there aren't many left, so hurry and get one while you can! I've already ordered my set :D

Also, if you're like me and into cuticle care, today is the day that Sunny's Body Products launches the Fall Exclusive box. So far I've bought both the Summer box, and the Halloween box, and I've been beyond thrilled with the products. The value is amazing and the scents are exclusive, so they won't ever be available again outside of the box! Be sure to head over to her shop and check out the Fall Exclusive box as well as all the new scents she's added to the line for fall! I'm so excited to place my order today! :)

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. That's a nice grey polish. The stamping is great too!


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