Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Favorites from Dollish Polish!

Whoa, 2 posts in one day?! This is crazy! Well, to be honest, most of this post has been in the vault since LAST Halloween, and I could not let it wait another year to be seen! :)

Last year, I bought a few of Dollish Polish Halloween Frights collection, and they were seriously amazing! I wore them all and even got photos, but didn't get them up in time, and Halloween had passed :( So I knew I had to share them this year. By the way, Dolly has brought this collection back for this year, so if you missed out on it before, it's not too late - GO GO GO !

Description from Dollish Polish:
"Inspired by the movie, Halloween, this fantastic glitter bomb of over a dozen different shades of Orange glitters in a multitude of shapes and sizes."

I layered 2 coats over black for these photos, but I probably should have done one for a more understated look. Either way, this glitter bomb is stunning!! :)

"Inspired by the move Nightmare On Elm Street, this glitter topper is chunk-full of multi-sized hexagons in shades of Red, Burgundy, Moss, and Forest Green."

This polish perfectly brings to mind Freddy's Christmas sweater. You might not know this was a Halloween polish if you just saw it on its own because of the Christmas colors, but once you imagine the movie, it's hard to un-see the inspiration! :) I love this movie, and pretty much all the cheesy sequels. 

I layered two coats over a medium grey creme and added topcoat.

"Inspired by the movie, The Exorcist, this toxic lemon/lime glow-in-the-dark neon jelly has black shards, neon Green & Yellow glitters, as well as Lime holo bar & dot glitters."

Who doesn't love this movie!? It's pretty rare for me that a movie so old can actually really frighten me. What with effects and everything these days, normally older horror movies leave something to be desired for me if I'm truly looking to get scared. This one...not the case. I still get shivers when I think about that crabwalking scene! 

This is 3 coats with topcoat, no undies.

Of course, the first thing this polish brings to mind is the "pea soup" scene. It's such a perfect polish to represent that! The color is striking and the glitters make it look super edgy. And, this one glows in the dark! At the time, I couldn't figure out how to take GITD photos whatsoever, so I actually went out and bought a blacklight for the sole purpose of photographing this baby. I was not giving up! Haha :)

I ended up getting a couple decent shots showing off the glow. I couldn't get it to glow super strongly just in the plain dark, but wow - under blacklight, it was amazing how bright it glowed!!! :) 

And, last for today - this one doesn't quite fit in with the 2013 Halloween Frights collection. That's because it's a part of the 2012 This is Halloween line - Deadly Nightshade!

I bought a couple from this collection when it came out, but never got around to photographing a few of them. Now I'm mad I waited - this is such a fun purple for Halloween!
Deadly Nightshade is a fairly sheer purple shimmery jelly base with black, purple, teal, and blue glitters in it. It could probably be built up but I chose to layer 2 coats over Sinful Colors Amethyst.

Which ones from these two collections did you pick up? Are there any that you are still lusting after? If you were having second thoughts about not grabbing the Halloween Frights collex last year, I recommend you pick them up now while they're still available! You can view them and all the other pretties Dolly has created, by clicking here. Her latest Zombie collex looks awesome!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween!


  1. Love the first glitter a lot. There all very fun though.

  2. Uh oh.. Whole comment lost i guess!

    I adore Freddy! The movies, the badass, the song, the young Johnny Depp.. Well.. Everything!

    Love this masterpiece from Dolly, although i think it shows more beauty with another undie. But still: pure love <3 !


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