Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Orly Androgynie

Hey all! Today I have a quick swatch post for you - Orly Androgynie! 

I bought this one a LONG time ago and kind of forgot about it in my Helmer. Turns out I've been missing out - it's a really pretty shade! My only complaint is that I wish it went on a bit more like it looks in the bottle. It ends up being very base heavy and the glitters aren't as apparent on the nail. They're kind of transparent, color-shifting glitters though, so they really stand out in the shade as seen in the following photo.

I used three coats of Androgynie alone for these photos, but you could also layer it over black. Personally, I like the depth you get with polishes like this when you use it alone, so I prefer to go sans undies. :) I used Seche Vite topcoat and everything felt completely smooth.

You can purchase Orly Androgynie at places like Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta, or you can get it at the Orly website for only 3.99! That's a great price. I've always liked Orly because the polish bottle is slightly larger than the normal size, so you're getting a bit extra for your money!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this polish. What's your favorite Orly shade?



  1. These would be a perfect base for galaxy nails! I have this color too but its been a while since I've worn it.

  2. I actually found this on sale at Sally's Beauty Supply in the clearance bin and decided to grab it... and judging from how awesome it looks on your nails I should definitely get around to trying it on!


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