Friday, August 22, 2014

Essie: Butler Please with subtle stamping

Hey all! It's Friday - thank goodness! This week has felt like one of the longest in a while. I plan on doing some much needed relaxing this weekend, as well as cleaning the house and catching up on editing.

Today I have a simple stamping mani to share with you. A while back, I was gifted Essie Butler Please from a Reddit user, and I have to say, it is one of the most amazing blues in my collection now! It's extremely bright, so bright in fact it was hard to capture it in photos. I did this mani right in the middle of summer and was feeling a nautical theme to go with this blue, so here's what I came up with! These first two photos were taken in indirect natural sunlight.

I didn't want to overpower the base, so I chose a subtle complimentary color for stamping - I used Zoya Hazel. I had also just received my MoYou plates in the mail, so I tried out some designs from the Sailor plate  (7) I got! It was easier to see the stamping in the shade, here's a photo to show you what I mean. My favorite stamp is the one on my index finger!

This next one was taken in direct natural lighting, though it was a bit overcast. 

This last one was taken with flash. It seems the brighter the lighting, the more the stamping hides. But, look at that bright blue! Butler Please is seriously stunning!

Overall I really liked this look. The stamping was more apparent in person, but I like the way that Butler Please is the star here. The MoYou plates are gorgeous, I can't wait to try the images with some bolder color choices.
Thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend!


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