Monday, August 11, 2014

Daily Lacquer Earth Kingdom over Zoya Bevin

Hi all! Today I have a simple but fun look to share with you. A few months ago, I had just started a new job, and I did a simple dotticure on my swatching hand (which I'll be posting soon), and I wanted to come up with something simple to match it on my Cinderella hand. Nothing too crazy, because I still wasn't sure what the new job's policy was on nail polish (turns out, they don't care - yay for me!). 
So anyway, I chose a base that went with the color family of my dotticure, and chose a glitter that worked perfectly with it! This is Zoya Bevin topped with Daily Lacquer Earth Kingdom!

I had been waiting for an opportunity to use Earth Kingdom and I felt like this was the perfect chance! It complements Bevin really well. Maggy is not currently making Daily Lacquer anymore due to the potential harm the chemicals could do to the wonderful BABY BOY she is growing in her belly! But, I hope she will return to making polishes later on, because she is truly talented. In the meantime, click the link above to check out Daily Lovelies, where Maggy sells her beautiful eye shadows and other makeup products! 

My favorite part of this look was the amazing micro shimmer in Earth Kingdom. It was very visible in certain lights - this mani was very eye-catching. Actually, this and the dotticure I wore were the first manis that made my new coworkers take notice. One even asked me several times if I got my nails done somewhere - she didn't believe at first that I do them myself! :) I love those compliments!
Here's an angled shot where the shimmer really shows itself.

What do you think of this combination? I think Bevin is a really gorgeous color, and I think it is versatile, it can go really well with a lot of glitter toppers or accent colors. Also, Earth Kingdom is a stunning glitter mix, I love the combination of colors and the shimmer!
I'd love to hear your thoughts below :)



  1. What a pretty glitter that is! I really like it over Zoya Bevin too.

  2. So pretty! I love these odd sorts of glitter combinations/layering.


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