Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Colores de Carol - Cocktail Dress

Hi everyone! Long time no post! I've been very busy with work, but I have tons of polishes to show you guys, so I'm slowly but surely working through the backlog. 
Today, I have a stunning and unique polish from Colores de Carole - Cocktail Dress!

I fell in love with this polish the moment I saw the BOW glitter!! Now I also feel like I need every polish ever made that includes bow glitter. I love bows on jewelry, clothes - why not polish? Plus, there is just something about this fuchsia and white color combo that is so fun and girly! Cocktail Dress has a fairly sheer white base  that can be built up to opacity, but I chose to layer over white here. Two coats of Cocktail Dress followed by HK Girl.

I had no problems whatsoever with application. I did choose to play around with placement of the bows. I just moved them around with the polish brush until they were where I wanted them. All the other glitters - what you see is how they went on.

What do you think of this polish? Do you own any polishes with bow glitters?! If so, point me in their direction! I must own them all!!
And, be sure to check out Colores de Carol's blog  for some amazing nail art/swatches, and her Big Cartel shop to see her gorgeous creations! :)
Thanks for looking!
<3 Kelly


  1. What a cute crelly color. I don't own any polishes with bow glitters too. How fun.

  2. This is so beautiful Kelly! Thank you very much for sharing this. Hugs!

  3. Very pretty polish. I didn't know that bow glitter polishes exists!

  4. that looks really princess-like :-) I love it!


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