Thursday, June 19, 2014

Argyle Nail Art inspired by Nail Polish Wars

Hi everyone! Today I have a nail art look I did a while back. I was looking for inspiration and so I checked out Nail Polish Wars Pinterest Board. I fell in love with her argyle look...

So I had to try it out! I didn't want to completely copy it, so I chose some different colors. :) I used Orly Decades of Dysfunction, Wet n Wild Toxic Apple, Rimmel Mintilicious, and the stitches are Sally Hansen Greige Gardens.

My lines weren't exactly perfect, and you could see the mistakes, so I went over it with my favorite mistake corrector - Fairy Dust! :)

I found that this look was harder than I thought to get crisp lines! I want to try using my nail vinyls from Teis Mom and I think I'll have a lot better success! What do you think of this look!? I'd love to hear below. And be sure to check out Nail Polish Wars if you haven't already. Her swatches and nail art are amazing! :)

<3 Kelly


  1. You did an awesome job recreating the design! Love it.

  2. Great color combination an a cool design. You had a great inspiration!


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