Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jindie Nails: Re-Fresh to Death

Good morning loves! Today I have a swatch of an upcoming Jindie Nails polish...Re-Fresh to Death!
This polish will be released on the Jindie Nails shop site on April 5th!! Be sure to follow Jindie Nails on Facebook too to stay up to date on official times of restocks and new releases. :)

Now onto the polish! 
Here is the description from Jen:
"Re-Fresh to Death has a white crelly (cream/jelly) base loaded with small, metallic hexagons in sapphire blue, lilac, periwinkle, magenta, mauve, lavender & dark purple."

To me, the base in Re-Fresh to Death looked more white in the bottle, but once I got it put on, it almost looked like a very very light lavender or lilac! Could be my eyes deceiving me though, lol! Tell me what you think...

I used three coat for these swatches and added HK Girl topcoat. This baby is packed full of glitters, but just one coat of topcoat smoothed everything over. The crelly base and all of the different glitters combine to give this polish a wonderful depth! It's so fun and bright for spring. Formula was perfect as usual - I would expect nothing less from the crelly queen. ;)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one! I think it's perfect for this warm weather we've been having. And I love this mix of glitters together. It reminds me of berries! :)
Don't forget to mark your calendars - Re-Fresh to Death will be releasing at, on April 5th, along with Bonnie & Clyde (Duo with Dollish Polish), Pink Stilettos (Collab with Ria Polishaholic), and Wifey Material!

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Oh how pretty! Its such a pretty milky shade packed with glitters.

  2. Man, going through your swatches, I have to remind myself that I have not yet liked the Jindies on me like I do on you.


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