Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Inspired by a Tutorial #4 (Dry Marble)

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I've been under the weather with some kind of stomach bug, so I've been doing a lot of relaxing. Definitely not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!
I'm a couple of days late, but I still want to share my last mani for the NCC. January's theme was Inspired by a Tutorial, and I've had a ton of fun going through tutorials from my favorite bloggers and attempting to recreate them. I'm learning a lot!
Today's tutorial comes from the talented Lacey of My Boyfriend Hates Makeup. Earlier in the month, on her FB page, she posted a tutorial of how she did this awesome dry marble look, and I had to give it a shot. I have not had success with dry marble in the past, but I followed her steps and the mani came out way better than previous attempts. I think the trick is to add a layer of topcoat after your base, wait for that to dry and then add another coat and gob on your other colors while it is still wet. That's something I didn't do before.

And here is my attempt!

I'm still not great at it...haha. I think my problem is that I try to do too much swirling. Leaving it simpler creates a prettier look, but I get carried away - when I don't like a certain swirl, I keep adding to it, etc and then it becomes a swirly mess. But, I still think it's pretty! I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for a base, and my swirling colors were Zoya Hazel (ring and pinky) and Julieanne (index and middle). I swirled both shades with white on my thumb.

I really liked how the colors popped out when I used flash, so that's why I included the last photo even though it washes my skin out. The shimmer in Hazel was so pretty against the white!
So, what do you think of this technique? Have you had any luck with dry marble? If you give Lacey's tutorial a try, I'd love to hear how it turns out! :)



  1. This is an easy tehnique and I like what you created, looks great on your nails!


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