Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nail Art Society - California Dreaming kit

Hi everyone, Happy Tuesday!! I'm in a great mood today because I went a did my first day of Couch to 5k yesterday! I definitely did not think I could even get through the first workout when I read about it, but I did it and I am really proud of myself. It starts off really slow for beginners. So today, I'm sore but feel great!

I figured I should finally get around to posting the full review of the California Dreaming Nail Art Society kit. This kit was SO much fun - I love it! For those of you who don't subscribe, you can click here to sign up for monthly bags full of nail art supplies, and hand curated by our Renowned Artists. 

Firstly, something new this month - branded bags that the items come in! I loved this adorable Nail Art Society bag, and it's perfect for keeping small items together like rhinestones, decals, cuticle care items and more. Perfect purse size too! :)

This month, you will receive a gorgeous Jessica polish called Tangerine Dreamz (which will be pictured below with my mani), and an assortment of other accessories to add some serious sparkle to your look.

You will receive a bag of little white pearls. Super easy to affix just into wet topcoat - no glue needed.

A gorgeous selection of pre-placed rhinestone clusters that are self-adhesive for easy placement. These are perfect for framing the nail and adding just a touch of bling!

And last, but not least - my favorite thing of the kit. These two amazingly sparkly bows! When the sun hits them, it is just unreal. I have used these in three other manis so far since I got them. They are reusable, as you just stick them to wet topcoat or glue and they pop right off when you are done with them.

Now, onto the important part - the finished creation! 

I used two coats of Jessica Tangerine Dreamz, followed up with Seche Vite topcoat. Since the rhinestone clusters are self-adhesive, I just plucked them off the sheet with nail art tweezers and placed them where I wanted them. Full disclosure: I will say that the clusters gave me a bit of trouble. Some of them didn't want to come off in one piece and some of them, the adhesive underneath wanted to rip apart and they got stuck to each other. Being very careful, using a flat end of an orange stick, and my nail art tweezers, I was able to get them semi where I wanted them. The pearls were much easier to use, although a bit static-y! I just licked my finger and stuck them one by one onto the nail, lol! Well, it's true... The bow, again I just stuck into wet topcoat because I knew I wouldn't be wearing the mani long. If I was going to keep it on for a couple of days, I would have used a drop or two of nail glue.

I LOVE that last photo - look at all the different colors in the rhinestones and bow when the sun hits! This kit definitely made me dream of California - or at least some warmth! Ohio is not a fun place to be this time of year, but I know others have it worse. At least my nails can be on vacation! :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this kit and this mani! And remember, if you want to receive these items, there is still time to grab the California Dreaming kit by clicking here.
Thanks so much for looking <3


  1. Some very fun nail decals you received! I have that Jessica polish too and love it :)

  2. An impresive and beautiful manicure. What a great kit, perfect for a nail addict :)

  3. Lovely mani!! I had to get rid of most of my subscription boxes but I couldn't part with Nail Art Society! I love what they come up with every month. =)


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