Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lynnderella: Bed of Nails over ManGlaze ILF

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday! Mine's been crap, but I'm distracting myself by doing my nails so I figured I'd put a post up tonight as well!
Right around my birthday, I decided to treat myself to some Lynnderellas. I picked out three, and I am showing you my favorite of the three today - Bed of Nails!

I started off with 2 coats of ManGlaze ILF, a lovely turquoise blue matte/suede. I picked up this one during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 

Then I grabbed my Lynnderella - Bed of Nails! It's easier to just show you a photo than to try to name all the different kinds of glitter in this one.

Not only do I love the colors of glitter and the adorable little skull glitters, but Bed of Nails has stunning micro-flakies, giving it an awesome shimmer! Check it out. This is 2 coats over ILF.

I'm definitely happy with this purchase! I had to do a bit of fishing to get the larger glitters out, but that's to be expected. What do you think of this one? What are your favorite Lynns? I'd love to hear! <3



  1. Love the glitter on top! So fun!

  2. Ha quedado super bien esta manicura, el top coat es genial!


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