Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Inspired by Art #1 (Pop Art)

Hi everyone! This month's theme over at the Nail Challenge Collaborative is Inspired by Art. I have to admit, I wasn't too thrilled for this theme - I don't know much about art. But, I did some Googling and I was able to come up with some ideas!
My first thought was to do a comic book, or "pop art" look. I've seen some other bloggers do some awesome makeup looks like this, I so wish I could do makeup like that. I did try to recreate the look on my nails you can see, it didn't turn out all that well...

The bright backgrounds, speech balloons and dots - I LOVE. I should have just left it like that, lol! But, you can't have speech balloons without speech/sounds, so I tried. I didn't think I could make letters using even my thinnest striping brush, so I attempted using a thin!

The biggest problem occurred not necessarily when writing the letters, but when I added topcoat. Even after waiting probably an hour in dry-time, the chemicals in the Seche Vite caused the letters to smear, no matter how careful I was with the brush. My pinky, I just used a dotting tool and polish, so it definitely stood up better! The words from L to R are supposed to say (ZAP, @!, and POW).

Oh well, lesson learned! Next time, I will definitely use polish for the letters. Although, I am not sure how in the world the bloggers in the examples I saw wrote letters that small in polish! Pure talent.

So what do you think of this mani? Total fail, or can you kinda see past the smear-i-ness and see what I was going for?? This is definitely one I want to try again, because I love the look of pop art! Thanks for looking <3


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