Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nail Art Society: I Love Studs!

Hey everyone! This month's Nail Art Society kit features one of my favorite things in nail art - studs! This month's kit was curated by the amazingly talented Emily of Very Emily!

The monthly Nail Art Society kits retail for $11.95 per month. If you subscribe to Nail Art Society by the 15th of this month, you will receive the I Love Studs kit, which includes: a bottle of Jessica polish in Black Matte, 2mm neon orange studs, 2mm pink studs, 2mm purple studs, and 3mm gold studs. 

I used a similar polish, Jessica polish in Black Lustre (the same polish included in the kit, but shiny) and all the neon studs to create my first look. I'll be showing another look in a few days, using the matte polish and the gold studs!

These Jessica polishes are really great, almost one coaters for me! I used 2 coats to cover up any patchiness and applied Seche Vite topcoat. Then, I added the studs while topcoat was still tacky. There are many ways to pick up studs such as wax pencils, picker uppers, tweezers, or you could use my proven method - I lick the tip of my finger and touch it to the stud! I know, I'm weird - but it works. If you need more accurate placement, though, I definitely recommend the picker upper from It's So Easy - you can get it at Sally's. I chose to topcoat over the studs to make them last longer, and it worked - this mani lasted a couple days before the urge to pick off the studs was just too great and I gave in haha! Some of the color came off of my studs, too, after a couple days - but it wasn't very noticeable.

What do you think of this look?? It reminds me of the dot candy from when I was little! I'd love to hear your thoughts below! If you're interested in subscribing in Nail Art Society, you can check it out here. And don't forget to check out the other Renowned Artists' looks created with this kit. :)

<3 Kelly


  1. Gorgeous look Kelly! Love the organic feel. Can't wait to see the matte look you are planning on doing :D

  2. Love this! I especially like your middle finger!

  3. Already told you how much I loved this manicure, but i have to make it blog official! Loving this! :)


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