Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Naild' It - Caramel Apple

*This product was a prize from a giveaway. All opinions are my own.*
Hi loves! Quick swatch post for you today. I've got a ton of photos to edit and hopefully I'll get back to more regular posting shortly; I've been a bad blogger lately. :p
A while back, I won a giveaway from Naild' It, one of my favorite indie brands. Actually, this was the first one I ever owned - Poisin Apple was my first indie polish purchase! Anyway, I won a variety of polishes that were going to be discontinued. I love them all, but first I had to try Caramel Apple!

Caramel Apple is a stunning glitter topper full of holographic gold, brown, and green glitters in various sizes. The best part? It's scented...like caramel apples! It smells wonderful, and the scent actually lasts, even with topcoat. It's not overpowering though, just very pleasant. I've shown two coats of Caramel Apple over Sinful Colors Innocent. I used Seche Vite topcoat.

I absolutely loved this mani! I think it's just perfect for Fall. :) What do you think of it? What are your favorite Naild' It polishes? I'd love to hear below! <3



  1. Love this look so much and we live close to each other I'm in Springfield, Ohio small world.

  2. Gorgeous color! Love the sparkles :)

  3. This is AMAZING and so blingy! I hope it got the attention it (and you) deserves!

  4. wow i really love this polish !! it looks awesome in every picture!


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