Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Technique #2 (Waterfall)

Okay, guys. Gotta be honest. This one was kind of a fail. But, I'm all about showing my failures as well as my successes, so here we go! This is my first ever attempt at a Waterfall mani. I used Sammy's tutorial that you can find here, but at this point, I'm completely convinced that she works miracles, because I just could not get my work to look like that lol! So with that said, please be nice haha! Practice makes perfect, right!?

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm obsessed with Halloween! So, I wanted to try to make this a sort of Halloween themed waterfall. I chose some Halloween-y colors and went with it. I used Revlon Haunted Heart for a base, it's one of my favorite Halloween oranges - the shimmer is just lovely. For the waterfall, I used Sinful Snow Me White, Black on Black, (I forgot the name of the purple, but it was Sinful), and Revlon Wicked Star. It ended up looking a bit like striped pajamas lol. Oh well!

I will definitely be attempting this mani again using my regular Stripe Rite striping brushes. I think one of my problems was that the brush I used wasn't quite thin enough.
Well, what do you think? Waterfall veterans, any tips? I'm open to criticism - as long as it's not mean! :)
Thanks for looking <3


  1. How did I miss this? The colours are SO HALLOWEEN :D

  2. It's not a fail! We can always improve, but I definitely wouldn't call this a fail (I have a huge doubt on where the word "definitely" is supposed to be in the sentence... sorry if I made a grammatical mistake :p) I truly think that with a thinner striper, it would look even nicer, because Sammy's lines are thinner... But your mani's great, don't worry, and I love the colours! :D


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