Monday, August 26, 2013

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Around the World #2

 Hi loves, Happy Monday! I'm remaining true to my usual routine and cramming in the last three challenge manis in the last week of the month. :) August's theme is Around the World. This design popped into my head right away when I heard about the theme. I knew I wanted to do something sort of Moroccan-inspired, so I came up with this!

I hope no one takes offense if this isn't really Moroccan-looking, lol...I could be totally wrong, but ornate looking gold patterns with purple and red is what popped into my head! I used Zoya Pinta and Mentality Sexy for the base colors, and I stamped using Maybelline Bold Gold. I messed up the thumb a bit...I've accepted that I'll probably never be a perfect stamper, but I'm okay with that. :)

What do you think of this design? I really loved how it turned out. I think the colors go really well together! :)
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