Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Fantasy Nail Lacquer

Morning, lovelies! Hope you are having a happy Tuesday so far! Unfortunately, today is the day I go back to work after a 5 day vacation, so I could be in better spirits but what can you do?
I know what you can do actually! Take a look at these amazing polishes by Fantasy Nail Lacquers! I was contacted by the wonderful Cassi awhile back and she asked me to review some of her polishes. Of course I said yes, and I was SO excited to receive these pretties!! I'll be showing you Magic, Sapphire Rose, and Semi-Automatic.

First up is Magic. Here's the description from Cassi's Etsy site:
"Magic is a dark gray base full of purple, pink, blue and silver holographic glitters. The glitters shift colors depending on light source. In sunlight, Magic becomes a rainbow on your nails! "

This polish builds up quite nicely on its own, but you could layer one coat over a base coat for quite a different look. In these photos, I've shown 3 coats of Magic alone, with topcoat. I think I prefer it on its own!

Indoor lighting
Outdoors; direct sunlight
OMG RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE! This polish reminds me of fairy dust sprinkled on my nails :)

Indoors; with flash
Outdoors; shade
Next up is Sapphire Rose.
"Sapphire Rose is a royal blue base filled with fine silver holographic glitter. Sapphire Rose does dry semi-matte with texture from the glitter. One coat with a top coat will smooth out the texture as well as add shine."

These photos show 3 coats of Sapphire Rose with no topcoat to show you the matte and semi-textured finish, which actually surprised me! When I put it on, I realized it had a super cool kind of leather/rubber finish, so I left it without topcoat. It was definitely matte, but still sparkled...suede maybe? I don't know, it's just awesome - words are failing me, so just look!

Indoor lighting
Outdoors; direct sunlight
Outdoors; direct sunlight
Outdoors; direct sunlight
I think I definitely prefer this one without topcoat, because I like the finish (I couldn't stop feeling my nails, lol), but I have seen some wonderful swatches of it topcoated on Accio Lacquer if you're interested!

Outdoors; shade
And lastly, my absolute favorite, Semi-Automatic!! In the bottle, I thought this looked like just another gunmetal grey polish. I was SO incredibly wrong! Here's the description and inspiration:
"Semi-Automatic is a deep charcoal gray linear holographic polish. 
The Lawful Line was inspired by some of my favorite television shows as well as in memory of my father, who was in the law enforcement field. 
Semi-Automatic represents the guns carried by the men and women who are dedicated to serving their communities."

All of the following photos show 3 easy coats of Semi-Auto, with topcoat, taken indoors in direct sunlight.

WOW. As soon as dumb Ohio decided to remember was sun is, I popped this baby on and my brain exploded. The holo in this polish is SO amazingly strong - this one I definitely will be ordering a full size bottle of! :)

In my opinion, Cassi has created some seriously amazing polishes here. I was thoroughly pleased with my first experience with Fantasy Nail Lacquers. I highly recommend you check out her Etsy shop and follow her on social media to keep up to date with restocks, new collections, and specials!! Right now, she has a ridiculous deal in her Etsy shop - you can order 3 full size polishes for $20 and/or 3 mini size polishes for $10! You cannot beat that. :)

Fantasy Nail Lacquer on Etsy
Fantasy Nail Lacquer on Facebook
Fantasy Nail Lacquer on Instagram

So what do you think of these? Which is your favorite?? I'd love to hear below. Thanks for reading <3


  1. I'm loving Sapphire Rose, but whoa, that holo is amazing.

  2. Such pretty colors! I love the last one with all the awesome holo to it :)


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