Sunday, June 9, 2013

Model City Polish - Super Soaker Summer, Orange Sherbet, and Aqua Aura

Hey lovelies! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I had a ton of fun celebrating one of my best friends' birthdays :) 
Today I've got swatches of some of the new Model City Polishes for Summer. Remember - I've still got a giveaway going on to win a Model City Prize Pack. Be sure to enter by clicking here if you haven't already! Anyway, I figured it was a perfect time to show these polishes, because her shop is restocked RIGHT NOW! Check out these swatches to see three of these gorgeous polishes on the nail - and then of course, go buy stuff!!

First up is Super Soaker Summer. I like to delude myself that I helped name this one lol...Nina mentioned on Facebook that this polish reminded her of Super Soakers and summertime, and a few of us offered up similar names to the one she eventually went with. I think it's the perfect name for this baby - I totally remember summers playing with friends outside, cooling off with Super Soakers and Slip and Slides. Wearing this polish makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic haha! Check it out.

This polish is packed full of neon blue and green matte microglitters, giving it a textured feel when you wear it without topcoat. It can be layered over another polish, but I was happy to find that it can also be worn alone, with 3 coats being fully opaque - no VNL! My swatches show 3 coats of SSS with 2 coats of Seche Vite topcoat for a smooth, glassy finish. If you choose to forgo the topcoat though, it's a super cool Liquid Sand-like effect.

Some of you may be thinking this looks a lot like Floam, and I would agree. Unfortunately, I don't have a bottle of Floam to do a comparison for you, but I can tell you that Super Soaker Summer is a lot easier to acquire. I've NEVER seen Floam in stock when I tried to get my hands on it. This one you can get right now, so don't miss out! One more photo for confirmation that you need this polish?

Next up is the yummy crelly appropriately named Orange Sherbet. Seriously, this one also reminds me SO much of summers as a kid eating those Orange Creamsicle popsicles!! It's full of hexes in red, yellow, and white. These swatches are 3 coats with HK Girl Topcoat.

Formula on this one was just perfect. I had no issues with application, everything came out evenly and without any trouble, and with one coat of topcoat, everything was perfectly flat.

Last, but definitely not least - this is my favorite one that I got the chance to review - this is Aqua Aura! I love the inspiration for this beauty: "The gemstone aqua aura is believed to attract success and prosperity. In some cases even possibly wealth."
This polish is a clear base packed with holographic aqua and gold microglitters, and it can be either a glitter topper or worn alone in 3 coats for full opacity. I chose to show you both!

On my index, middle, and pinky, I've shown 2 coats of Aqua Aura over China Glaze for Audrey. My accent nails (thumb and ring) are 3 coats of Aqua Aura alone. I used Seche Vite topcoat, and I used 2 coats on the accent nails to be sure to eliminate any grittiness. After that, all nails felt completely smooth!

I'm not sure if I like it better alone or layered - I can't decide! I think I like the look of it better alone, but I would want to save polish so I would most likely layer it most often. Nina mentioned on the site that this polish might be a bit thick, but I didn't have any problems at all. The glitters spread out easily on their own - in both 2 and 3 coats, I had no problems with bald spots or patchiness. :)

Here's a close up of my ring finger - 3 coats of Aqua Aura with no undies! Check out this gorgeous sparkly holographic goodness - I just couldn't stop staring! This is one mani I did not want to take off. It's just so blingy - it is seriously reminiscent of gemstones, so I can totally see her inspiration for this one.

So what do you guys think of these three? I think they are all beautiful and completely perfect for summertime.
So, now that you've seen some swatches, hurry over to the Model City Polish shop, and pick up some pretties! Oh, and enter my giveaway to win a bottle of the extremely LE polish Holobration! :)



  1. Those are some great colors... very fun for summer! :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. Neeeeeeed the floamy one! And Aqua Aura is gorgeous too. So much nail lust DDDD:


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