Saturday, June 22, 2013

Colores de Carol - Red, Blue and Stars, Purple, and Fun in the Sun

Happy Saturday loves! I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend. I'm shaking off the end of a migraine so I'm slowly getting more functional lol. 
Today I've got a review of some awesome polishes from Colores de Carol! I was so excited when she started making polishes - I already loved her blog because her swatches and nail art are phenomenal...of course her polish would be no different!

First up is Red, Blue and Stars. If you were looking for the perfect polish to celebrate 4th of July, look no further! This is a sheer white jelly polish with red dots, blue squares, and white stars. Very patriotic!

This polish can either be layered over white or it can build up to full opacity all by itself. I personally found that my nails were too stained to wear it alone - I still had slight VNL at 4 coats, so I went back and reswatched it over a white creme. I think it looks much better like this on me, but if you have short nails or unstained nails, you should find there's no need to layer it.

Formula on this one was good, the only thing I noticed was that the blue squares do curl up a bit (metallic glitters typically do), but it was nothing a thick layer of topcoat couldn't fix. In the photos, it looks worse than it was, but most of what you see here is reflective curling. I couldn't feel the edges sticking up in real life, after adding a coat of Seche Vite.

Next up is Purple. Don't let the simple-sounding name deceive you though - this is not your everyday purple! It's a neon fuschia-leaning crelly with black holographic glitter in it. I'm seriously kicking myself now - I only found out this was GLOW IN THE DARK after I swatched it and took photos! I will reswatch it soon to show the glow in the dark effect, but I truthfully think it's gorgeous just as is. Check it out!

Formula on this was amazing!! No issues at all. This is 3 easy coats of Purple with Seche Vite topcoat. 

And lastly, here is the stunning Fun in the Sun. I saved my favorite for last!! This is a wonderful glitter topper that truly is perfect for summer. It's a clear base full of differently-shaped matte glitters in light pink, medium pink, green, white, purple, and yellow. There also looks to be tiny micro shards/flakies in there that show up in the sun!

I couldn't decide what to layer it over, so I did two different colors. The purple is Essie - Boxer Shorts, and the orange is Milani - Jiffy Orange.  I still don't know which one I like it over better! These swatches show 2 coats of Fun in the Sun. I used Seche Vite topcoat and everything felt completely flat - nothing sticking up anywhere. 

What do you think of these polishes? Which is your favorite? Carolina has tons more amazing polishes for sale in her shop so be sure to check them out! And follow her blog and social media sites to see amazing swatches and nail art :)

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Thanks for looking! <3


  1. I'm loving Fun in the Sun! There all awesome colors though :)

  2. Red, blue and stars is my fave :)

  3. Oh wow. I need purple in my life. GORGEOUS. Love your new header too!

  4. Thank you very much Kelly for this wonderful review. I'm glad to know that you like my polishes.
    Beautiful swatches! ;)


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