Friday, May 17, 2013

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Hey everyone!
Today I have a swatch post for you that I haven't gotten a chance to post yet, I know I'm way behind! This is Kiss Me, I'm Irish by Candy Lacquer! This was my first experience with Candy Lacquer, and I was impressed. :)

I wore this right around St. Paddy's day and I absolutely LOVED it. Also, this is when I had my talons, and it makes me kinda sad because I miss them. Grow nails grow!! :)

These swatches show about 2 coats of Kiss Me, I'm Irish over a plain black creme. I used Poshe topcoat and everything laid flat, except for that one pesky star on my pinky! Another coat of topcoat would have taken care of that, though. I did do a bit of dabbing with the larger shaped glitters, like the hearts and stars, to try and get an even distribution, but overall, formula and application were no trouble at all.

Though this was a while ago, I distinctly remember SO many people asking me how I "did" that to my nails. It's so hard to explain to non-polish addicts that I didn't do anything but put it on lol. My response is usually "It's just glitter." But then they continue to look at me all perplexed, back at the nails, back at's a hard life. Haha I actually think it's pretty amazing to create a glitter SO awesome that people can't understand what it is lol. So for that, kudos, Candy Lacquer!
Seriously though, I love this polish. I bought a couple others along with this one and love them both as well. I will definitely be picking up more Candy Lacquer in the future! The shop looks like it closed at the moment, but be sure to check them out and follow on Facebook for updates on restocks. :)

Candy Lacquer on Big Cartel
Candy Lacquer on Etsy
Candy Lacquer on Facebook

Let me know what you think of this mani! I'd love to hear below <3
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  1. Really pretty glitter! Love the colors in it :)


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