Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative: Pastels #3

Hello all! I hope you're not sick of Pastels just yet - I've got two manis left for you! And, I'm happy to report I'm going to make it before the end of April, so I'm not "technically" late lol!

I am SO excited about this mani, and I just kind of threw it together. It wasn't really planned, I just started doing things and ended up super happy with it. Of course, what's not to love - I'm obsessed with bows! Check it out :)

I started with a base of Rimmel Mintilicious and freehanded diagonal tips using Sinful Unicorn. I swear, I've used this for every Pastel mani so far, sorry! It's just the perfect yellow, and the first polish I think of when I think "pastel". I used one coat of HK Girl to top it off. Then, I added a strip of teal striping tape that came in my Nail Art Society bag this month. And to top it off, I made a tiny dot of nail glue on two of the nails, and stuck on two pastel-ish bows, also from my Nail Art Society box. This month's box TOTALLY won me over because of my bow obsession, lol.

The 3D bows may not be the most practical, but I would love them for an event or a party! They stuck on really well with the nail glue, but I had no trouble getting them off with a bit of acetone on a Q-tip. They popped right off with no damage to the nail, and no glue residue!
So what do you think of this design? I thought it was very spring-y and cute. :) I'd love to hear your thoughts below <3

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