Monday, April 1, 2013

Pokemon Challenge: Psychic Type

Hey guys. Slightly late again, but Easter and such. Not that I did anything - besides work! I didn't even have a proper Easter feast! Boo. But I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and spent time with your family and all that! Tonight I have my Psychic type nails for you. I chose Mr. Mime!

I recently had to chop all my nails to nubs because my pinky nail broke, so I had to rethink my original plan. I couldn't fit a whole Mr. Mime on any of my nails, so I decided I'd do little pieces of him on each nail!

I accidentally smudged my index finger, oops! My index and my pinky are meant to be his body, the ring is his hand and obviously the middle is his face! My thumb is supposed to be his shoe, lol!

So what you do think?? Not my favorite nail art, but it's not my worst either! :) Check out the others, too!


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