Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lynnderella Early Halloween over Julep Nora

Hello all! Today I am here to show you my very FIRST Lynnderella - Early Halloween! I can honestly say that this, (along with the other Halloween polish I bought at the same time, Witch Cauldron Was It?) is THE most expensive polish I have ever purchased. How did it measure up? Read on to find out!

This is the base I used - Julep Nora. It's one of the suedes that came out in late 2012 - it's a silvery lilac shade that is gorgeous on its own, but I felt it made the perfect undies for Early Halloween!

Here's the bottle shot of Early Halloween! It's full of mostly dark purple glitters, but also orange bars and squares, green hexes, silver stars, moons and diamonds, and a few random yellow daisies. 

I was so excited to get my first two Lynns that I took a picture of the name on the side lol. I know there has been a lot of drama about Lynn in the polish community, but I try not to give any of that too much weight. I buy polishes for the polishes and pretty much try to ignore the rest. 

I layered 2ish coats of Early Halloween over Julep Nora. I topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

So, what's the verdict? How did Early Halloween measure up? Is it worth the $26 price tag?
In short, no! Yes, the polish was gorgeous. I loved the random mix of glitters and the overall look of the mani. But, the formula was difficult. I noticed that the base seemed to be too thin for all these heavy glitters. It felt almost more like a regular polish base than a suspension base that heavy glitters like this should be in. So I had a hard time getting a lot of glitter on the brush - I was left to use the "dabbing" method with what glitters I could get on the brush. It ended up looking fine but to me, it felt like too much work. Especially with a price so high!
I would buy more Lynns if the colors REALLY impressed me, but probably only if they were on sale. I just can't justify spending that much on a polish if the formula is not going to be completely perfect.

What do you think of Lynnderella's polishes? Do you own any? What do you like/not like about them? I'd love to hear below! <3



  1. That's a thing with Lynns. Some of them require dabbing to apply, and Lynn even says that in some of the descriptions on her blog. "1 dabbed coat over polish X." If you don't wanna dab, get the ones that don't have the crazy glitters. For example, the Stars In Her Eyes didn't have to be dabbed!

  2. The suede polish look attention grabbing bec of its finish. I didn't think it would look great with glitter, but I'm pleased to see it turned out alright :D


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