Monday, February 11, 2013

WingDust Collections: Ocean Tears and Seashell Bra

Hey everyone, and Happy Monday! It's super happy for me, because I am beyond excited to show you these next two polishes! :D I recently received a wonderful package all the way from Canada containing pure awesome. During her Boxing Day sale, I picked up a few lovely WingDust polishes, and Stephanie was kind enough to throw in MORE than a few extras to review! My boyfriend was watching me open the package and we both kept saying "wait, there's more?" And my jaw was hanging open the entire time because every single polish in the box was amazing. She even threw in CANDY and a gorgeous butterfly charm, that I have pictures of somewhere and will show you soon. I decided to break the polishes up into three different posts because I couldn't narrow down photos! Today I am showing you Ocean Tears and Seashell Bra. 

So, I paired these two together not only because of the "ocean" theme, but they both have a sort of jellyish base and they go together quite well. I had one on my left hand and one on my right (I always do this) and I actually felt like I was coordinated somewhat (for once)!

Oh my gosh, how I love that macro shot. Ocean Tears is a blue jelly full of silver holo microglitter, blue, turquoise and aqua hexes in different sizes. I wasn't sure if it would, but this polish is very buildable. The following swatches show 3 thin coats and I didn't have any VNL in real life. Formula was perfect, everything came out evenly and it wasn't too thick or too thin. 1 coat of HK Girl was all it needed to feel glass-smooth.

I loved how this looks so much like how you would envision ocean water! All the different colors of hexes and how some fade when you build up the base, it gives the mani such depth. I love this polish.

Next up is Seashell Bra. This is one of the ones I purchased. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it! It reminded me so much of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Seashell Bra has a red/pink jelly base with holographic microglitter, and it's got red matte stars, white, pink, and red hexes.

The formula on this polish was very, very similar to Ocean Tears. The only major difference was the addition of the stars in this one, but they didn't give me any trouble at all. I didn't even have to fish for them! They came out all on their own, when they felt like it. I didn't mess with placement at all, what you see in the photos is where the stars went with normal brushstrokes. I loved how with the building up of the jelly base, some of the stars kind of fade/blend in with the base of the polish - it's kind of like they're partially covered up with sand! :) The following swatches are 3 coats of Seashell Bra plus 1 coat of HK Girl.

I angled this next shot to really show the depth of the polish in bright light. You can see the little stars peeking out too. :)

These were the first polishes I tried from Wing Dust collections, and I fell head over heels in love. Not only is Stephanie a wonderful person who strives for complete customer satisfaction, the polishes were gorgeous and formula was spot on. Add in the fact that her prices are way reasonable, and you can see why Wing Dust has quickly become one of my favorite indie brands. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to show you guys the rest of the polishes! Be sure to check back Wednesday and Friday to see! :)

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<3 Kelly


  1. I love both of them - but I'm really drawn to Ocean Tears!

    1. Thanks Heather! It is absolutely stunning :)

  2. The blue is gorgeous! You always have amazing swatches <3

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I try to do the polishes justice lol :)

  3. LOVE THESE.... They look so nice on you :D


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