Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Swatch Spam! Dollish Polish and Daily Lacquer!

Hey guys! First I want to apologize for being so sporadic with posting. I've just started a new schedule at work where I work two midnights a week and then three of my usual afternoons. The switching back and forth has got me sleeping ALL the time. I can't seem to wake up before 1 or 2 pm and it's driving me nuts! After that, I feel like the day is totally wasted. Anyways, I will try to be better just as soon as I get myself on some kind of routine.
Tonight I've got a couple polishes I swatched over the last month or so. I didn't really have enough photos of these for a post on their own, so I put them together! These are 2 gorgeous wintry polishes that definitely deserve to be seen.
First up is Dollish Polish - You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out, Kid. I used this in my Winter Solstice nails - it is THE perfect polish to create a snowy effect for winter. I had to literally stop myself from using this in like, every mani for the Let it Snow Challenge I'm doing haha! I won this in a giveaway from the wonderful Julie from Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl, and I'm SO glad I did - I love it!

You can really see how the color-shifting glitters glow in the shade! They are stunning in different lights.

For the most part, this formula was great, with one MAJOR exception - the snowflakes!!! Arrgghhh - they frustrated me so much! They are extremely heavy and they really do not want to come out. Even with "fishing", I had to fight them to even get a couple out for this mani! I tried everything, turning the bottle upside down for a while, rolling it, they just kept sinking. Even when I got one to the top, the brush couldn't grab it. Then, when you do get them out, they don't lay down on the nail because of the way a nail arches. The snowflakes are not flexible at all, so even with loads of topcoat, they keep their straightness and don't conform to the nail. All that said, I LOVE the polish for just the other glitters! I just use it as if there are no snowflakes in it, and I like it MUCH better that way!

Next up is Daily Lacquer - Buddy. NO issues with formula here. Maggy has perfected her formula, to the point where, even with how packed full of glitters and shapes this is, it glides on like butter. Not too thin, not too thick. Buddy is a shimmery green polish with gold hexes, shreds and stars. The following swatches are 3 coats of Buddy with no underwear, topped with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

I probably could have used another coat of Seche Vite, just to be sure all the points of the stars lay flat, but they didn't bother me at all. I LOVED the shimmer in this polish, it looks gorgeous in different lighting! This would be a great polish for St. Patrick's Day.

How do you like these two polishes? Do you own either one? Which is your favorite? I'd love to hear below <3

You can buy Dollish Polish at her BigCartel site here, and follow Dolly's Facebook page here.

You can buy Daily Lacquer at her very own website here, or on Etsy here. Follow Maggy's Facebook page here.


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