Friday, February 22, 2013

Let it Snow Challenge: Day 13 - Winter Ombre/Gradient

Hi everyone! Today I've got my Winter Ombre/Gradient for the Let it Snow Challenge. This one is sort of a 2-parter. I don't know if this is right or not, but I think of ombres and gradients as different things. And, though I do gradients all the time and LOVE them, I realized I have NEVER done an ombre!! So, I started out with a white - black ombre mani, inspired by the dreary winter weather here in Ohio lately. It's been so grey and overcast...really depressing weather!

I used all Sinful Colors for this mani, since I bought a bunch of new shades during the recent sale. Polishes from left to right are: Snow Me White, Cool Gray, Smokin, Ardoise, and Black on Black. I used 1 coat of Poshe over top.

I thought it was pretty, but my gradient addiction kicked in! I used the same colors and a makeup sponge to add a little something extra.

I think I liked the ombre better! Just because the last few greys are a bit too close in shade, and you can't really see the gradient. I really like my thumb and middle finger though. :)

Ugh, so sorry about the cuts on my pinky! Stress and dry skin have taken their toll!

Other than that, what do you think about this mani? Does this represent the current weather where you live?? Did you like it better as an ombre or gradient? I'd love to hear your thoughts below! <3

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  1. I loved the ombre! Cant believe youve not done them before!


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